Diamler Chrysler Informative - Warrenty dispute - 1995 Chrysler Concord

Review by PAONE26 on 2003-09-12
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- In june of 2001,I brought my car in for air conditioner service. For several months fumes were comming out of the vents in the passenger compartment. Chrysler said this was normal and there were no leaks but they had to fill the freon at a cost of $114.00. Approximatle one year later this happened, and had to be filled again. in July of 2003 this happened again and I had it checked by a different garage and they said that the EVAPORATOR COIL was bad and that was the cause of the fren leaking out. When I reported this to Chrysler they said that the cost to replace this was app. $1,000. And since there was 80,000 miles on the car the warrenty was void. When I complained to Chrysler,that when this prblem was first reported there was 60,000 miles on the car, well below the 70,000 miles on the warrenty. While waiting for their answer I checked seveal local mechanics and got estimates of $600, and one of these was another Chrysler dealer. well Chrysler said they would cover half the cost of the repairs but they it would have to be done at the dealer that wants $1000. All this was done on a Thursday. on Friday afternoon I called to see when I could pick up the car and was told it would no be ready until the following Monday, because they did not have the part and I could not bring it back because the dashboard had been removed. NO.1 - HOW DOES A COMPANY GET AWAY WITH THIS? NO.2- WHY WASN'T THE WARRENTY APPROVED WHEN IT WAS PROVEN THAT THE MECHANIC FAILED TO CORRECT EVALUATE TO PROBLEM. NO.3- WHY WASN'T I ALLOWED TO BRING THE CAR THE CHRYSLER DEALER WHO WAS GOING TO CHARGE ME $600.THEN MY OUT OF POCKET WOULD HAVE BEEN $300? NO.4- WHY DO THEY HAVE TO REPLACE A PART IF YOU DON'T HAVE A WARRENTY. BUT CAN ADJUST IT WHEN YOU DO?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-05:
It took Chrysler five days to repair the air-conditioner. When I picked up the car I noticed greesey hand prints on the hood,side fender, door, dashboard. There is a large scratch on the passenger seat. An oily foot print on the passenger door. When I started to drive home, the air flow vent on the passenger side fell on the floor. Under the hood I noticed that the wireing harness, just above the evaporator coil, was laying on the engine. I also found a large piece of tubing next to the radiator fan. Chrysler cleaned up (wiped) what they could and the mechanic suggested that we (wife or myself ) had broken the vent, but would replace it at no cost. Waited another 5 days for the part to come in then spent another 2 hours to install it. Now here's the best part,( and this is probably my lack of brains ) when I got home I read over the bill and all parts were covered by the extended warranty. EXCEPT for $285.00 for what was called A CUSTOMER DEDUCTABLE.I am now trying to get Chrysler to explain what this charge was for. ---- TO BE CONTINUED

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