Angel Limo USA, Inc. - Seattle Complaint - Don't Use Angel Limo

Review by Reviews_It_All on 2008-01-23
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Whatever you do, don't use Angel Limo USA in Seattle.

I first called and reserved a limo from Angel limo about a week out from my wedding. The owner told me it would be no problem and that I should be hearing from his driver shortly. Well, the day before the wedding, I hadn't heard from anyone so I called back. He'd lost my reservation. We worked it out on the phone and he took my information again, and everything seemed O.K....

The wedding day...

The limo shows up and gets everyone to the wedding in two separate trips to the Botanical conservatory. We had a beautiful wedding, and once the ceremony was over we walked outside to find... the limo had left!!! Not a word to me, but one of the girls in the bridal party said that the driver had mentioned an alternator problem or something, and just took off. We had no way to get the bridal party to the reception, quite a ways away.

So I called Angel limo. I was told there'd be a limo there in 10 minutes. Never showed. I called back. I was told that in an hour, one would certainly be there. Never showed. Then I was told (after my bride and I and all our guests had stood in the rain for more than an hour) that it would he hours before another limo would make it to my wedding. I was pissed, but I really felt sorry for the guy that had to deal with my wife.

The owner eventually agreed to demands of our money back and free service another night. This all happened on a Friday night. I didn't know he hadn't charged my credit card yet. Well, it turns out that on the following Monday, he charged my card. I called. He told me that he would refund the money that day. On Thursday of the same week, the money still hadn't been refunded. I called the bank first to see if Angel Limo had presented a refund, which they hadn't. So I called the limo service back.

First, he wouldn't take my calls. The phone would ring and ring until the voicemail picked up. So I borrowed a friend’s phone, and Whala!! I got an answer. The owner claimed the charge had been presented and that my bank was lying.

I have called this man repeatedly since then. I have left messages that say, "I understand mistakes can be made. If you meant to refund the money but it didn't go through, I can understand that. Let's work out another refund option. I don't want to go to court over this. If you call me, we can work this out." Then I leave my name and number twice.

I've made that call around 15 times.

Now I've moved on to complaints with the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, and the Utilities and Transportation Commission.

Don't use this service. He ripped me off for $500 which I doubt I'll ever see again.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-01-23:
Challenge the charge with your credit card company. Explain you didn't receive the service you were billed for - they will investigate and reverse the charge themselves if your story is true. But time is ticking - I belive it's 90 days from the date the charge appears on your statement that you have to dispute it.
Posted by Reviews_It_All on 2008-01-24:
Here's something else I learned... credit card companies are adept at reversing charges, etc. Unfortunately banks (or at least my bank) isn't as happy to do so. I used a debit card for the payment and the bank will only investigate with a police report and an actual act of fraud (meaning that your card was lost, stolen, copied, etc.)

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