Wilde Honda - Wisconsin Informative - Honda Certified - I don't think so...

Review by Minerva! on 2008-01-23
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- So I traded in my car at Wilde Honda in August. I purchased a 2005 Honda Accord with under 20k miles. When the dealer brought the car to me, he explained it needed to be cleaned and detailed, but not "to worry about it." I went along with the purchase. The car was Honda Certified, which by corporate standards meant that this car had a 120 point inspection performed at that if any of the parts had more than 50 percent wear and tear on them that they would be replaced. There was a small dent on the back of the car which the dealership told me to come in after the weekend for it to be fixed and "looking like new." Haaa. not so much. I got the car back after 2 hours. The dent was pounded out and the paint looked like it was done with a brush. The battle was already on. The dealer now said they would only "blend the paint." That's what the do. Blend... After the third paint job the autobody man came out to talk to me. He said "why don't you do it, if you think you can do it better." My family own autobody shops all over Massachusetts. I can def. tell the difference between a choppy job and a professional one.

Sorry to have to call you out kiki! The exterior and interior was supposed to be detailed at this point as well. Didn't look more than a dust buster windex. disgusting. their was this film around the alloy rims. gunky brown stuff. when I asked about it, the dealer said it wouldn't come off. "there's nothing they could do" and that "it is a used car" sir. Yea, so I go down the street to a autoparts store and have them look at the rims, I buy this chemical for 3 bucks and many hours later its coming off. The used car dealer is a liar. I don't believe anything this man says. I was getting suspicious that my car was not really certified, perhaps on paper, but not physically.

I went online to Honda.com and to my surprise a lot of things that were supposed to be done were not done. Wilde Honda or any other Honda can not sell a car until its certified, if there is a dent in the car, it needs to be fixed before selling it "certified" I had many many concerns about the authenticity of the certification. I went ot the dealer and asked for my documentation and they went in the back (i think the filled it out at that moment) and gave me a copy. I called corporate and told them all my concerns. They came to the dealership on my behalf looked at the paperwork given by the dealer and never inspected my car. Do you see something wrong with this picture. How do you know if everything was done or not by looking at paperwork. 3 months later I'm getting my first oil change and my brakes are going out, the dealer tells me its going to cost me $160. If the car was certified I would have never run into this problem.

After many calls to corporate office and management of the dealer, ti was comped. But what else is going to go wrong with this car. Honda Corporate, especially case manager is not capable of doing her job. She blew my off with all my original concerns from day 1, and when this came up it happened again. I would never buy a Honda again, especially through Wilde Honda.

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