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Review by disaster girl on 2008-01-24
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I did it again after I said I never would! The Country Inn and Suites at 11230 Southwest Freeway in Houston is the most horrible place I've ever stayed, and I travel extensively for my job. I've had 4 horrible stays at this hotel over the past 6 months, and have even spoken directly with the owner, Mr. Khan. He promised all my complaints would never happen again.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, I checked into the hotel. Here are my specific complaints:

1. No temperature control. On the A/C unit, it says the control is on the wall. Where the control should be, just a blank wall plate. I sweated all night.

2. Business center's computer didn't work so couldn'd print out boarding pass.

3. Front desk clerk had recently had a frontal lobotomy and was only capable of giving blank stares when you asked a question.

4. NO HOT WATER IN SHOWER. Had to take a sponge bath (4th time this has happened at this hotel) and go to work with dirty hair.

5. Pillows were made of lead.

6. Breakfast consisted of sour milk (every time I've been there), warm yogart and inedible eggs.

So, unless you really enjoy a poor night's sleep, cold showers, dirty hair and inedible food, don't stay at this hotel!
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-24:
If it's as horrible as you describe why do you keep going there? I'm sure there are other hotels in the area you can stay in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-24:
I had the same question Princi.
Posted by shelly16 on 2008-01-24:
Houston has many hotels, I know this for a fact...I have travelled there for business. Choose a different hotel next's obvious this one doesn't care about their guests!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-24:
I travel frequently also and it just takes me once. Too many other places to stay.
Posted by keyjockey on 2008-02-16:
1.Open a window. Take a shower. Afterall you said it was cold right?

2.Why do you need to use their buisness center computer? Why work somewhere where the travel is extensive and the pay is too low to afford your own laptop and printer?

3.A medical procedure of that nature takes time to heal and may have horrible life long side effects depending on what insurance they have. You should be applauding that desk clerk's courage to carry on despite severe damage to their cerebellum. As far as a blank stare goes well not everyone can talk as fast and frequently as the micro machine guy.

4.the hotel didn't get your hair dirty in the first place why should they be responsible to get it clean?

5.Probably came from China. Report it to Homeland Security as a possible terrorist threat.

6.Breakfast is free. It's like getting a greeting card in the mail then complaining because its not a Hallmark one. At least someone thought of you even if they didn't fork out the mean green. As far as the milk being sour maybe staff members go around flatulating in the milk chug as payback for lack of gratuity. It'd get an extra nickel out of me by golly.

7.Sounds like a place to go for afternoon delight or to get rid of the old nagging battle axe. Whenever I stay in places this horrible I lay on the floor and spray paint a yellow body outline then complain in a full lobby that I won't stay in a room someone died in. Usually gets me a refund.

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