Everytown USA Auto Informative - How To Identify Someone That Is Lying To You

Review by mydogbozo on 2008-02-02
ANYTOWN USA, MARYLAND -- People need to be aware of the clues that you will need to spot a liar in an automotive dealership.

#1-People will rapidly bat (flutter) their eyelids when they lie (I used to work with someone who did this).
#2-People will keep touching & brushing their hair and head in general.
#3-People will make attempts to plug & block their ears, as if not wanting to hear their own lies.
#4-People will attempt to cover up their mouth, as if not wanting to bear hearing their own lies.
This is a sure fire sign of a pathological & habitual liar !!!
#5-People will divert their eyes away from tou beacuse they can't bear to look you in the eye while they are lying to you.
#6-Peoplw who lie will usually look into the air, as if they are looking for more bull to add to wheat they have already fed you.
#7-People will usually keep repeating the words
"YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW....." or "UM, UM, UM....."
#8-People who sell cars will use the classic lie, "YOU KNOW, MY MOM & DAD HAS A CAR EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE HERE", as if to instill confidence in you about a particular vehicle.
#9-People who lie have a difficult time in keeping themselves still....they are nervous because they know that they are lying.
#10-DRUM ROLL.....People who sell vehicles will tell you that you have to buy immediately to get "THIS SPECIAL PRICE" or that "THIS SPECIAL PRICE" is only available on a particular "SALE DAY", such as Washington's birthday, etc... The truth is, a particular vehicle can be sold on anyday of the year for "THIS PRICE".

I hope that information is helpful to the unsuspecting consumer. You see, car dealerships are infested with LIARS !!!
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-02-04
Posted by StraightShooter on 2008-02-02:
In regards to salesmen the only clue needed is.... their lips are moving!
Posted by mydogbozo on 2008-02-02:
lol...shooter...high five.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-04:
ROFLMAO!!!! Genius, pure genius I tell ya!!! *rolling eyes*
Posted by mydogbozo on 2008-02-04:
ty dd

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