GMC 2003 One Ton PIckups Complaint - 4-Wheel Drive

Review by howlingpl on 2003-09-19
BUNNELL, FLORIDA -- Bought 2003 Dually GMC pickup. Two weeks after buying it, went on a trip to Texas from Florida with a loaded trailer. (1000 miles on it) 4-wheel drive went out, as well as overdrive and cruise. Took much turning ignition off and on to make overdrive come back on. 4-wheel drive nor cruise came back on so if we had gotten stuck, we couldn't have gotten out. Took it to dealer in Texas and they handed us a paper from GMC saying that GMC was aware of this problem but there wasn't a fix at this time but that the following could be done: (remember, this is a $43,000 brand new truck) 1) replace the relay and hope it stays working, 2) cut the wire and you won't have 4-wheel drive, 3) drive it like it is.

Isn't that great stuff? There is no fix but they were working on the problem. That was a year ago and they still don't have a fix. GMC public relations in Oregon got a hold of us. They would research it, they said. Way later, this is what Elizabeth Hahm said:

There is no fix and nothing can be done because the problem is intermittent and GMC Palatka, FL can't figure out the problem. (How could they when GMC office can't figure out the problem?)I asked for someone above her in authority and she told me she was it. She is the public relations person in charge of this case and if that wasn't good enough I could call the Better Business Bureau. I told her she was a little fish and I wanted to speak to a shark. Told me not possible. She was it. She offered me an extended warranty and I told her that didn't fix the problem of getting stuck and I needed to speak to someone in authority over her. She told me not only could I not speak to anybody else as she was it, but she rescinded the offer because it obviously wasn't going to satisfy me. I told her that we needed the extended warranty but I still needed to speak to someone higher than her. She refused all the way around.

SO here we are with a problem truck that has its 4-wheel drive go out whenever it wants. THIS IS A KNOWN PROBLEM with these models. I suggest that anybody interested in a 4-wheel drive NOT buy a GMC (CHEVY is the same) until this is resolved. Elizabeth HAHM with GMC public relations refused to give me any other phone numbers, refused to tell me what part of Oregon the business is in. She said it was private information yet I have a phone number and the business is in OREGON and she is working for GMC which is hardly a hole-in-the-wall corporation.

DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL VEHICLE with 4-wheel drive if you don't want to be stuck. Ms. HAHM said that the warranty will pay for a tow truck. What she didn't consider is that this is time-consuming and doesn't solve a major problem. WHY DID WE BUY THE 4-WHEEL DRIVE if we weren't in need of it. SO, we have a very very expensive 2-wheel drive vehicle with a 4-wheel drive sticker. Some people have a problem with it, some don't. However, if you happen to be one of those who do, how will this affect what you do when you need the 4-wheel drive to be working? How far in the woods will you be? Will you have your freight delivered late because GMC can't figure out how to fix a major component on their vehicles? BUY something else.

Bess and Charlton Wall, Bunnell, FL

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