HubbaGames Complaint - No reply on return request

Review by dissapointed mum on 2008-02-04
When my mother bought two Guitar Hero III's for Christmas instead of one, I contacted Hubbagames for a return authorization. I was not looking for a refund, simply an exchange. After five attempts without a reply, I contacted Amazon to see if they could help me. Not only were they completely unwilling, but they were most unhelpful. The final attempt I made at reaching Hubbagames was sent "read receipt" to which I never got a receipt. Obviously, they don't read their emails. I have never been more disappointed with an online store.

We ended up giving the GHIII to Toys for Tots, but it would have been nice for my own kids to pick out something else.

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Posted by Sarah May on 2008-02-04:
I'm confused... Why did your mother purchase two? Was this for two children but you only wanted one system in the house? I'd think that if your mother made the initial purchase, she should be the one to request a return or exchange. Did she give you the paperwork for the transaction or a gift receipt?
Posted by Justadad on 2008-03-28:
This is even more amusing then the last email whining about this company that I've done business with twice (they were perfect) now that I've read.

You are a liar or someone that is selling against them. We as consumers are 100% protected by Amazon. Amazon A-Z Guarantee has saved me from two other vendors, one was a book and one was a movie I bought. If you read Amazon rules a vendor has to take a product back within 30 days of purchase. I emailed the dvd vendor to get return it and they did not reply. I filed an Amazon A-Z claim and then they contacted the vendor who told them to take the product back as it was within my right to return for 30 days. They didn't fight the claim and my money was refunded since they did not reply to Amazon.

I think you should try that to get the satisfaction you say you did not get if you are telling the truth.

Posted by snorty on 2008-06-04:
No, I see where you're coming from on this one. They have communication problems. I agree. I think the guy defending the company in that last comment works for them! lol

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