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Review by S on 2008-02-04
CHICAGO / SCHAUMBURG / BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- We recently purchased new granite countertops for our kitchen from Marble Tech in Barrington, IL. I must say we were really impressed with the entire experience.

After shopping around at Lowe's, Home Depot and a few other granite shops, we decided to go with Marble Tech based on our experience with the salesman (Tom), and referrals from two friends.

Tom was friendly and accommodating from day one. He quoted us a reasonable price (about $1000 less than Lowe's!) and threw in an upgraded sink to secure our business. I think they were able to give us a good price due to the fact that they are and end-to-end company, not dealing with any middlemen to take a cut in materials, etc.

After we picked our granite, we found they did not have enough in stock of the color we wanted. Tom sent us to a competitor's store that had it in stock, and we were able to pick out our slabs there and Marble Tech simply bought them from the competitor store. They had to pay a little more for the granite since it didn't come from their own quarry, but they did not charge us any extra. He said they might not make much on the deal, but he was confident it was worth it to keep us happy in hopes that we would refer more business to them.

The measurement and install were both done by employees of Marble Tech. It was nice to know that everyone we were dealing with in the process were actual employees, and not a contracted out company like it would have been if we bought from Lowe's or Home Depot.

Marble Tech Granite Countertops w/Undermounted Sink

Marble Tech Granite Countertops

Today was the installation day. They sent two guys who took about 3+ hours to remove our old countertops and install the new granite. They did an excellent job keeping our kitchen clean, and the granite looks great! My wife and I were very pleased with the outcome. The counters look great, and they took great care in the details and borders of the backsplash. They even recommended we go with a slightly taller backsplash (at no extra cost) to help reduce any touch-up paint we might have had to do when the old counters were removed. Everything worked out just as we expected.

We plan on recommending Marble Tech to all our friends, and hope that anyone else in the Chicago-land area who needs granite work done finds this review helpful!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-04:
Great review and post Spart, glad it all worked out OK. One item that they probably already covered with you is you need to be careful about what you put down on it until you seal it a couple of times. Just a little bleach or something can destroy it and leave ugly rings.
Posted by S on 2008-02-04:
Thanks for the warning! We don't even want to touch it right now it looks so nice... =)

We were very impressed with these guys and hope our review brings them so more well-deserved business.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-04:
Great review. I'm hoping to get granite within the next 5 years. I'm saving as we speak to get them. I love the way they look and how clean they make the kitchen look.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-04:
Good info Spart, thinking of doing the same at my house hope I can find some place like this where I live.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-02-04:
Sparticus, I enjoy reading reviews from members with a personal experience to share. Other than you being pleased with your dealings with Marble Tech I was impressed with the fact they sent you to a competitor when they didn't have all you needed in stock. I call that service and what they might have lost will be more than compensated for with your referrals. Good review.
Posted by S on 2008-02-04:
Thanks everyone. I read so many horror stories about installations from Lowes and Home Depot, it was really refreshing to have a nice experience. I'll send a few pictures for them to add to this review. Please ignore the 20 year old microwave/oven combo in the background... we are getting a new stainless double-oven installed in its place later this week! ;-)
Posted by Chris on 2008-02-04:
hey, the pics look great. good review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-04:
Spart the contractor told us it made zero difference as to who you bought the slabs from. It was all about the quality of the installers which is why we went with a smaller local guy too. By using a local guy we were able to go to the yard and pick the slabs we wanted and he put them on his truck right on the spot to take back for cutting.

What a difference it makes? The pic's are very nice. Like it's not even the same kitchen anymore, LOL.
Posted by S on 2008-02-04:
My wife said the same things... she doesn't recognize our kitchen now... ;-)

I think I told you we were considering using a granite over-lay company (Granite Transformations). It was a few hundred dollars cheaper, but not as sturdy of a product. They basically installed 1/4 inch granite composite over your existing counters. A nice product, but we are really happy we went with regular granite and had the old counters removed....
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-04:
Those pictures are gorgeous. Your kitchen looks great!
Posted by Dan on 2008-02-04:
Wow! Kitchen looks great Sparticus! Thanks for sharing the review and congrats on finding a good installer/contractor, it's great when you find a good, honest one!
Posted by D. on 2008-02-04:
Would you and your wife like me to come and cook you a nice meal in that kitchen?
Great reveiw, I remember when you were looking at different options. You really have to have trust in a company for a job like this and I'm glad you found a company that takes pride in their work and their reputation. I too, hope this review brings them more customers. Good job...now, what would you and the Mrs. like for supper?
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-04:
The kitchen looks awesome!!
Posted by S on 2008-02-04:
Thanks for the offer Debtorbasher... The Mrs and I are meat and potatoes kind of folks... ;-)
Posted by D. on 2008-02-04:
I'm on my way! T-bone steak and baked potatoes...compliments from Liddy's checking account...price is not object...I'll bring ya some wine too!

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