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Review by EZbaseKW on 2008-02-08
LA, CALIFORNIA -- In a nut shell I did not file taxes for the years 00-05 I have worked overseas for 12 years for the year of 00 tax I had to pay the IRS for money I received and cashed in after the death of my mother, I understood that and needed some help on how to resolve this situation for that year. I also decided to get my other taxes done by Taxinc because I had never had my taxes done by a CPA so I paid the $5K for the 5 years of not filling, I should of just used turbo tax to do my other but I wanted to do this right well after sending the money, POA, and all required documents, TAXinc sent everything back to me accept for the 00 taxes but sent the 01-05 taxes back for me to sign.

I signed and sent the tax forms to the IRS and I got the worst news of my life the tax forms where missing papers and I now owe them $30K and also the 00 taxes the Levied my account for the 00 taxes now I'm stuck and don't know what to do I live overseas and as for tax INC. no response after 3 phone calls and 6 emails total fraud and false advertisements if there is a class action let me know I will be a client to.

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Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-02-08:
I worked overseas for 14 years. If you are a US citizen you MUST file US tax returns every year. Period. No questions asked. Even if you work for a foreign company you still MUST file US tax returns. You may not owe any taxes but a US citizen MUST report all INCOME from ALL sources every year. There is no exception. (If anyone doubts this go to www.irs.gov). If you did not file any returns for 2000 through 2005 you may be looking at serious penalites, not just $30k, though that seems what they assessed you. The IRS is cracking down really hard on people who 'hide' there money overseas and by not reporting it you are hiding your income someplace. Look up the number of the IRS in Philadelphia, they handle overseas returns and they are there until midnight every night except weekends so the time difference should not be a problem. Forget Taxinc, they are apparently worthless, call the Philadelphia IRS Service Center, they handle overseas tax returns. I've dealt with them and they were very helpful - just don't get angry at them for your stupid mistakes - and you may owe money but it is better to pay it now than wait how many more years of penalites.
Posted by EZbaseKW on 2008-02-09:
Thanks for the info Foggyone but I have filed my taxes every year except for the dates I wrote about I never had any problems the 30K the IRS says that I owe was because Taxinc forgot to put the 2555 Forigen Earned Money my 02,03 05 made it through without Audit but my 04 was missing 2555 and as far as my 00 tax return thats was my main reason for getting Taxinv and the IRS still did a levey I understand what you are saying but it was just a case of me not filing I was good on the penalties no prob but Taxinc is full of &%*@

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