Jeff Pohlman Tire Informative - Use Deceptive Practices & Lack Customer Skills - AVOID!!

Review by Customers Are #1 on 2008-02-09
OXFORD, OHIO -- My complaint is about Jeff Pohlman tire located at 304 W Spring St. Oxford, OH 45056. On December 22, 2007 my wife and I took our work vehicle a 93 Honda Accord into Jeff Pohlman for a radiator flush and fill.

They say they honor their competitor’s coupons, but this is not entirely true, in a clear reasonable and logical sense.

To make a long story short, when we came in to pick up our vehicle that late afternoon we presented them with a Midas coupon 50% off a radiator flush and fill (Midas, a well known established, professional and reasonable auto service center nationwide) the manager took OFF 50% OF THE COMPETITORS PRICE (MIDAS) WHICH WAS $44.99 MINUS 50% WHICH IS $22.00 FOR THEIR FLUSH AND FILL. THEN TOOK THE $22.00 AND MINUSED IT FROM JEFF POHLMANS FULL PRICE FOR A FLUSH AND FILL WHICH IS $79.99 AND BROUGHT IT DOWN TO $57.99 BEFORE TAX. Now, where are the logic, reasonableness, and understanding in this reasoning??? Very puzzling, indeed! We tried to explain to the manager that when we brought our work truck in last year (2006) we then at that time presented the same competitors coupon for 50% off a flush and fill and Jeff Pohlman did the proper, sane, logical & reasonable procedure of taking 50% off of Jeff Pohlmans total for a radiator flush and fill.

We were not making any progress explaining this to him while keeping our composure and using no profanity or being belligerent. After a period of trying to reason with him, he calls the police. Keep in mind no threats with weapons, words or the like were exchanged by us. The police came and spoke with both of us. Since it is a civil matter, he suggested speaking to the owner. In the mean time, I did not have use of my vehicle because Jeff Pohlman tire impound it until I resolved the matter with the owner. I called the owner the very next morning (Dec 23, 06) to discuss the matter. Again to make a long story short, he had already made up his mind without even speaking to the #1 person in his business, the customer, not an employee of 1 day or 30 years. He said he sides with the manager and would not apologize for his action etc. He said they take pride in having letters of appreciation for his service and his manager, but did not mention the unsatisfied ones.

As a business man, that he portrays, I was shocked, appalled, discussed and disturbed with how I was treated by him over the phone. The lack of understanding, reasonableness, caring & appreciation not to mention his lack of concern and poor attitude toward for his #1 asset to his business, the customer, whether that customer be a one timer or a City of Oxford contract. Although he painstakingly gave us the 50% off his price (which that is how it should have been in the first place) he said he did not know what the fuss was all about over a small amount. I am sure he directed that to me, the consumer. If not, his manager(s) would know and would be trained how to handle these matters when they arise.

I have been a business owner for over 17 years, and this insubordinate, disrespectful conduct, by both the manager and owner, would never be tolerated by me or any of my contractors or subcontractors, our standards are much higher.
After this disgraceful folly, I do not advocate Jeff Pohlman tire and make it known to the Better Business Bureau and others. We do not need a company like this in Oxford, OH or any where else for that matter. If others choose to use this business, beware! Leave your logic, good sense, reasonableness & and human rights at the door when you enter the doors!
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Posted by Jambra on 2008-02-09:
After reading your complaint and thinking about it, I have to side with Jeff Pohlman's on this one. They did honor COMPETITOR'S coupon by giving you 50% off the COMPETITOR'S price. This was very fair of them, and to give you more would serious hamper the small business' chances of competing with chains such as Midas. Don't like it? Go to Midas.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-02-09:
Thats what I was thinking, Jambra...the poster even stated "Midas, a well known established, professional and reasonable auto service center nationwide..."--my question is why are you at Jeff Pohlman's? Let me guess, there are no Midas in the area--but somehow you obtained a coupon. I am all for taking care of the customer, but I do struggle in cases like this when its an arguement over pocket change and a coupon. As a business owner, I would think "cusomers are #1" would be a little more understanding.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-02-09:
I think ya'll are right, the op should have asked about the price before the work was done. The shop took a "unique" way of honoring the competition's coupon to say the least, but it does fit the wording.
I also think that the shop did right, from the tone of the post, in calling the police before the customer escalated the problem. We are talking a difference here of $30.00!! The op is probably lucky they did not charge a storage fee for the impounded car.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-09:
Midas is one of the worst there is!

I think the place should have giving him a price in writing and got him to understand and sign before they did the work. This is a normal trick or scam if you will as to how these people get you to say yes and then charge the heck out of you.

PS: Did you get my IM Jambra?
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-09:
MINUSED - *ack* Sorry, I couldn't take you seriously after that. You can't minus anything, you have to subtract.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-09:
Why can't we add?
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-09:
My thoughts are similar to Jambra's and Aerocave. They did honor the coupon exactly as worded. If you said they match PRICE, then your argument would have more validity. I'm also wondering why you are fighting with another dealer to match Midas' price when you could have just taking it to Midas. Clearly there is no long term loyalty between yourself and Pohlman. Maybe it is because there is no Midas around, meaning Pohlman's coupon offer is simply being abused outside the spirit of the promotion, and now you are squeezing it. I doubt Jeffery will loose any sleep over the severing of your business relationship.

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