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Trilegiant Corporation/Affinion Group Complaint - The Scam Continues - PrivacySource

Review by Misunderstood on 2008-02-09
VIRGINIA -- A friend has been trying to cancel his PrivacySource (which may have started out, or also be known, as PrivacyGuard) membership since just before the end of his first year of service. Bank of America offered and still offers this service.

PrivacySource did not provide any of the services it promised, thus the request to cancel.

It was not cancelled and each year the cost goes up; it went from around $60 to a current $99.99.

Each time a cancellation request was submitted, life got in the way until the following year's membership was billed to his BofA card.

He also requested of BofA each time that it be cancelled, but every year they charge it to his account.

This year, we are taking the bull by the horns. We have e-mailed BofA Customer Service. We will also mail HQ Trilegiant Corporation/Affinion Group (Affinion Group, LLC) at 100 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850-3561, and file a complaint with the BBB.

He honestly wanted to try the product. He did, and he was not satisfied. He should not have to ask more than once to cancel. And, yes, sometimes life does get in the way; when you are assisting an elderly parent and going to school full-time and you don't receive anything in the mail, only annual membership fee charge, one tends to forget. It happens. He takes responsibility.

However, when he tried to charge groceries, BofA denied the charge because his card was maxed out; yet BofA allowed the $99.99 charge from PrivacySource and charged him a $35 over limit fee.

No, he will not sit still for this. He will be polite, but firm. Sometimes nice doesn't work and you have to contact BBB, the Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, and whomever else need know to stop this company and stop BofA from endorsing them.
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-10-28
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-02-09:
"Each time a cancellation request was submitted, life got in the way until the following year's membership was billed to his BofA card."

sounds like this is his own fault.
Posted by Misunderstood on 2008-02-09:
madconsumer, perhaps you commented before completely reading my review: I did say "He takes responsibility." However, I reiterate, "He should not have to ask more than once to cancel."

He called Trilegiant and BofA to cancel. They said okay. A year later they bill him another year's membership.

He calls them both again and requests cancellation. They both say okay. And a year later they bill him for yet another year's membership.

Where, in that, do you see it is his fault? Was he supposed to ask that a written cancellation be mailed to him? I don't believe they do that. When I said that life got in the way, I meant that once Trilegiant and BofA said "okay" to the cancellation, he forgot -- even though he should not have to do so -- to call a second time to ask if they cancelled it as promised.

I tend to believe that a second call would have garnered the same "okay" and same charge the following year.

This is their m.o. and they need to be stopped. Honest, intelligent people are being duped through no fault of their own -- my friend included.
Posted by datdymenene614 on 2008-09-11:
i have worked for that company and i would suggest to you that if you have to call in there they should give you a cancellation code thats what the company i work for did and if they dont give you one you should as for one and wait a couple of days or weeks call back with that cancellation code tell them you cancel and in there system it should the member ship as being canceled
Posted by waffenss on 2008-10-28:
How can you call this a scam? It sounds like it's a case of someone playing the "I am always the victim" card. Anyone who has common sense knows that when you sign up for fee based services that someone is going to try to talk you out of canceling. They give a confirmation # to show they canceled you. If you are too lazy to stay ontop of your bills (or your parent) then don't enroll into this stuff. Anyone who would keep paying for something they don't want, and doesn't look for the refund is really smart.

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