La Mesa Appliance Complaint - Horrid Customer Service

Review by sunshine619 on 2008-02-20
EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA -- I rarely complain about companies, but I guess I'm having a couple bad months...We purchased a brand new condo last year that of course came with brand new appliances. Our stove is a flat top ceramic range. Anyhow, one burner has been inoperable since day 1. We called the warranty company and they gave us the phone #s of the two authorized repair companies in our area. One company was only open M-F which is impossible so we made an appointment with LaMesa appliance who offers Sat appointments. They were suppose to come between 9-3 so we sat home all day and they showed up at 3, fine. The man had our address, unit#, and gate code (obviously) he confirmed what was broken and put in the order. They called us a week later when the part arrived and we scheduled an appointment for the following Sat. so far so good.

Saturday comes and the time frame was 7-1, 1:30 rolls around, still nobody comes, I call the company and the man was incredibly rude to me, calling me sweetheart and honey in a very condescending manner. He said that someone came out and couldn't find the place so "whats the freaking problem", and I said they were just here last week! Then he said Oh they don't have your unit #, again, they were just out last week! He was so disrespectful to me that after our conversation I had my boyfriend do all the talking after that. He was not rude to him! The repair man shows up at 4pm, comes in to fix the stove and says "oh I cant fix it, its a drop in stove (as opposed to slide in) so he needs another repair man to help him lift it out. I said 'well call someone out here!' (the company is 3 blocks away) My boyfriend even offered to help, but for insurance reasons...you know.

He called back to the mean man (who I found out was the manager/owner!)he said that he doesn't have anyone to send out and oh well! The poor repair man relays this to us and we are furious. I called back and told him he needs to have someone repair our stove, now! Someone was out already and diagnosed the problem so obviously they new what kind of stove we had and should have prepared accordingly! I was even desperate enough to say that we could do it next Saturday...and he said no he will NEVER have 2 repair men on a Sat. All the while he was laughing at me, continuing with the "missys and hons" I gave the phone to my b.f. and the guy literally told him F-you and told the repair guy just to leave it!

I understand he owns the company, but jeez, they aren't that big you would think he needs customers. Basically they wasted 1 Saturday, lost all the info they had taken, wasted another Saturday, insulted us, and left the stove in disarray. We ended up calling the other store and having to take 2 days off work. yay.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-20:
That is no way to run a business.La Mesa appliance you suck!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-20:
Booo La Mesa Appliance! The service ticket should have the model number on it, and the tech didn't recognize it was a drop in ahead of time? This kind of service puts appliance stores like this and certain other family run kiosks in KY., outabiz real fast.
Posted by Kcobraz on 2008-06-20:
I am pretty sure that La Mesa Appliance is now Reliable Service Company in El Cajon, as I checked with the County Records and the La Mesa shop is closed but the owner/service man operates in El Cajon. Buyer Beware

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