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Review by Cons on 2008-02-21
PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON -- The vehicle I purchased was a 2005 Madza RX-8. It is a 2005 model and although I purchased it in March of 2007, it was new with less than 200 miles on it. I was told the vehicle had belonged to a dealership which went out of business and this vehicle was in their showroom. I had my first problem with the vehicle within 3 days of purchase. Yep, I had to put gas in it, something which apparently had not been done in two years. As I pulled into to gas station, on my way to work and on empty, the gas cap lid would not open. I called the dealership service department and got my first taste of their condescending attitudes.

The questions I was asked "are you sure your pulling the correct release button" and "are you sure your pulling up and not pushing the proper side of the lid" - unbelievable. Watching a dealership maintenance person pry it open with a screwdriver, and say "there you are, have a nice day" did not cut it. Not even an apology. Late for work? Oops, too bad. Need gas? There's a station up the road, you'll probably make it. Trip #2 to the dealership was a week later to have the parts for the gas lid replaced. I have had this vehicle in the shop AT LEAST 4 times in the last 11 months - Plus three other times for oil changes and alignment checks. Each time I get these questions as the maintenance department has decided I am mentally challenged - What kind of gas are you putting in the car? - Where are you storing the car? How often do you drive the car? Who does your oil changes? and the ever popular statements made by the service department such as "you know, this isn't the kind of car you just drive to back and forth to the store".

As ANYONE would tell you, vehicle fluids, such as gas and oil are NOT like fine wine, they do not get better with age. It is clear to me that the vehicle fluids were not changed every three months as recommended by their own company. I have had battery, starter, gas mileage issues (I get 10 miles per gal) and problems with the oil in this vehicle as this dealership DOES NOT do preventive maintenance. Oh, they will give you paperwork that says they did their "checks" and it's all good. Then how do you explain battery cables covered with corrosion, when the "paperwork" stated the battery was "good" less than 60 days prior. Apparently this vehicle sat on the loading docks, apparently near the ocean, as there is the same blue/white corrosion found on boat batteries. Nothing like your "new" car not starting, popping the lid, removing the covers and seeing that. Battery and cables covered with corrosion. Who knows what damage has been done to the starter motor or alternator from trying to start a car with battery issues.

The "paperwork" states it is "good" but do they really check? Doesn't matter that it takes forever to turn over, the car starts. Doesn't matter that my 3 year old truck, which is left outside in the snow/ice all winter will start right up and my car, which is inside a enclosed heated garage takes four or five turn overs to start. Its fine. Yesterday, I made yet another call to the dealership because the car oil is thick and gunky. I was not even given an appointment, just bring it in in the morning. With the usual "sigh" and "who does your oil changes"? When was the last oil change? I described the oil conditions and car conditions to another repair tech (not at Puyallup Madza) and they think there is water leaking into the oil system.

Maybe they will actually pull off the oil drip pan and take a look, instead of just draining and refilling the oil. Maybe not. Guess I'll find out tomorrow and probably won't have my car for the weekend. When checking the oil, I also removed the battery covers and guess what? There is corrosion on the battery cables. Again. Guess they didn't replace them after all. Must have done a poor job at cleaning them for the corrosion to begin all over again in less than two months. The service department always, and I mean ALWAYS asks questions to imply the issues with the vehicle are not their fault. The last time I was there I had to explain to THREE different men the mileage on the car because I was repeatedly accused of not driving the car enough because it only had 8000+ mileage on it and it was two years old! I was also asked several times where I keep/store the car (Since I clearly don't drive it of course) and I must be storing it in a place/area which is causing the corrosion.

They kept the car over 24 hours, and I did NOT get a loaner car, even though the warranty states the dealership will provide one.TO put an end to this review, I will only add that IF, and only IF, you want to purchase a new vehicle in which you will return to the dealership every other month for maintenance issues, then purchase your vehicle from Puyallup Madza. IF you want a maintenance free new vehicle, purchase it elsewhere.
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-02-21
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-21:
ROFLMAO, I just can't take it anymore!!!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-21:
I hear you dealer.
Posted by sunshine619 on 2008-02-21:
Jeez. I hope you didnt pay msrp on a 2 year old "new" car.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-02-21:
Well, that rules out my dealership. We do not sell any "maintenance free" vehicles...Oh, thats right, there is not such a thing when you purchase a vehicle.

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