Hazeldell Motors Complaint - Sales Rep/Manager Verbally Abusive To Customers

Review by RaineJ on 2008-02-21
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- This auto dealership gets 0 stars from this customer, in fact if there was such a thing as negative stars this dealership would get a -5 stars from me.

Today my adult son and I went to this dealership searching to purchase a vehicle and were verbally assaulted by the sales rep who when I called to complain to the manager about the extreme unprofessionalism of this man he answered the call and claimed to be the manager!

The reason for the verbal assault? We disputed the mileage on a car we were looking at. First my son looked at the odometer and saw it read 198477.7 miles, when we asked about the price the man in question said it was $7000.00 and my son exclaimed, "But it has over 198000 miles on it!" The man said "No it has 98000 miles so I looked in at the odometer myself and saw the exact same thing my son saw, 198477.7 miles, so I said, "No, it does say over 198000 miles."

A professional would have calmly said, "Okay, just let me go get the keys and we'll open it up and take a closer look." Instead this guy started yelling profanity at us in the form of, "What the F@#$ do you want me to do, go get the keys and show you?" to which I said "Yes" as he stormed off toward the office he was still spewing the "F word" rather loudly, so my son and I just decided to leave because even if he had been able to prove us both wrong I wouldn't have bought a car from someone who would treat a potential customer in such an unprofessional and verbally abusive manner if his was the last dealership on earth!

On a side note: I seriously doubt he could have proven us wrong about the mileage because two people looked and saw the exact same odometer reading and I think I can tell the difference between a 1 and a 0.

So customers beware, this guy apparently has serious anger management issues and you may be his next victim...this was absolutely the WORST customer service experience in the 44 years of my life and I don't just mean in the area of auto sales, I have never been treated so badly by a sales rep in any type of retail business.
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Posted by Aerocave on 2008-02-22:
Wow...Are you sure nothing is being missed here? The only reason I say that is I have had it happen to me where I would greet a customer and right from the beginning the customer would be rude, inconsiderate, would act like a "know it all" and question everything I say, basically treating me like a second class citizen...I always took customers likes this as a challange (and won over a lot of them)...But believe me, it was hard sometimes not to react in a similiar manner--especially if I was having a bad month, or simply having "a bad day" as we all have once in a while.

Using profanities towards a customer, with a customer, etc. is completely unacceptable...and I am not doubting your post and the "events"...It just makes me remember those days...and those customers...and then the fact that you mentioned your "127 IQ" which is really irrelevant...it just makes me think...
Posted by sunshine619 on 2008-02-22:
Hmmm, he probably having a really bad month! what a jerk.
Posted by D on 2008-02-22:
Maybe he was the owner's kid...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-22:
This part of Vancouver isn't known for it's highest class of citizen, especially where these car dealers are located. I would definitely steer clear of this area in th future. A car with that high of mileage probably wouldn't be a good choice anyway. You can do better.

Check out the lots at the reputable car dealerships in Vancouver or Portland (the Auto Mall in Vancouver comes to mind). I hear that a lot of them are trying to clear cars--you may get a good deal on a used one (or even a lease return). Definitely check around and stay away from Hazel Dell.
Posted by RaineJ on 2008-02-22:
Reply to Aerocave:

I can understand why you might think that my son and/or I may have provoked the sales rep but honestly we didn't. From the very start when he first approached us he began by staring my son down in an intimidating manner. My son said he felt as though the guy was treating him like some "punk theif" and when we disagreed about the odometer reading he just blew up at us.

My son and I are very easy going people, neither of us get any enjoyment out of hostile confrontations. We are absolutely never rude to people unless they are rude to us first, and even then both of us would rather walk away than to remain and lower ourselves to the rude persons level, because it doesn't leave us feeling vindicated or satisfied in any way, it only leaves us feeling stressed out and upset so we don't see the point in subjecting ourselves to that.

You are also correct that my IQ is completely irrelevant, the only reason I worded it that way is because I was still very irritated about the way we had been treated and because I felt the guy had treated us as though we weren't intelligent enough to tell the difference between a 1 and a 0 which anyone who gratuated kindergarten should be able to differentiate.

This may or may not be irrelevant as well, but I have also worked in the auto sales industry myself. Several years ago I worked for Vancouver Ford and never did I see a customer get treated the way we were treated no matter how rude the customer got, the sales rep would remain polite and then when the customer was gone he would vent to his co-workers about the customers rudeness which his co-workers could relate to because we have all had to deal with difficult people at times.

Let me also add that a couple of years ago I bought my Dodge pick up from the Dick Hannah dealership that is just a couple of blocks down the street from Hazeldell Motors and we were treated wonderfully. I am very satisfied with the customer service we received at Dick Hannah, they were friendly, helpful, courtious and respectful. The only reason we didn't go back to them is because we are looking for a vehicle that we won't have to finance, something fairly inexpensive yet reliable and economical as a second vehicle to replace my 92 Honda Accord that was stolen a few months ago.

Please keep one more thing in mind when reading this, if I were a rude or confrontational person I most likely would have taken great offence at your suggestion that perhaps we provoked this man somehow and refused to agree with anything you had to say in your post. Instead my only intention is to clearify that we did not provoke this man in any way other than to disagree with him about the odometer reading on one of the vehicles on his lot, we went out looking for a car, not a fight.

Perhaps he was just having a bad day or even a bad month, but I still believe that taking it out on the next unsuspecting customer that walks on his lot is not only unprofessional but unacceptable as well. I know that in all the customer service and retail jobs I have worked in the past treating a customer like that regardless of how the customer treated me would have gotten me an immeadiate termination from my job. If I couldn't handle a particular customer's attitude I was instructed to turn it over to my manager to handle in a diplomatic manner, not just blow up on the customer no matter how bad I wanted to, nor how bad they may have deserved it. I have definately dealt wth my own share of difficult customers, enough to know that retaliation does nothing to resolve any issue.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

dianec, I think you're completely right, it's so sad too because I can remember when Hazel Dell was one of the best areas of Vancouver.

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