Westland/Hallmark Meat Company Complaint - President Westland Meat Co.

Review by Miles777 on 2008-02-23
CALIFORNIA -- President Westland Meat Co.

When reading your letter posted on Westland meat companies website:


Do you think we are that stupid!

Well we may have been ignorant in the past but the truth is out now! You got a couple of people on charges...wow! But two is better than none. Your “company” should now and watch closely who works there.

I have never seen such cruelty to animals in my life. Yes I have been blessed. I am not shielding myself from these thing...quite the contrary... going through the proper channels, I plan to make it my business as much as possible.

I am very proud to say I'll never be a customer of yours. I may have been in the past due to ignorance but now that I have been educated as to how animals are treated for slaughter I am glad to be a vegetarian and will persuade any one I met to do the same.

I hope you and all involved in these hideous acts of cruelty have a day the way you allow God's creatures to have.


The Cattle Cried !

I along with so many others am sickened and dumbfounded to say the very least by the way so-called “Government Officials’ as well as the California slaughterhouse handles cattle.
California Government “WHERE ARE YOU?” What in the hay are you peopling doing? Very little!
This is the United States of America. We are to set an example not of barbarians but of humanity. The California slaughterhouse video doesn’t say that.
Just where does this take us now. A recall…Will you allow this to happen again…is this all about money and not what this great country was based on so many years ago.
It is so hard to believe that this country can allow this behavior.
It was so very difficult to watch in shock at what was going on in the news concerning the slaughterhouse in California and the horrific nature that this cows were/are treated. I can’t even imagine how these poor animals felt. To sick or injured to get up, terrified, confused, in a great deal of pain as they are pushed with a forklift being gouged and flipped around as if there was no feeling in their broken bodies. Sprayed over and over in the face with water hoses, hit with hot prods, beaten and kicked AND YES MORE. That’s just some of what the public saw; more is no surprise me but disgust me.
As for the cows. I am a firm believer in humanity. I along with others no longer eat meat. It does not mean that much to me if an animal has to live a nightmare like the California slaughterhouse. That’s just too selfish to ask.
The one thing that was completely innocent were the cows.
Dairy Cows. They gave all they had to offer, milk, cheese, calfs and look what they got in return.
The cattle cried out not trying to harm but as if in to question “why”? “What have we done?”
There is no excuse.
That is not the America I know.
Again I question you as to what will be done to insure this never happens in this country again?
We, the appalled American Public, await your response.


P. Nixon


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