Geeks On Time Complaint - Geeks On Time doesn't fix the problems it causes

Review by divendra on 2008-02-23
Eighteen months ago I called Geeks On Time to help me figure out why a networked laptop was not printing to printer. The tech person they sent couldn't figure it out after 2 hours of looking, at the rate of $100 an hour. I complained about spending all that money and not getting anything for it, so they had another tech person access all three of my computers remotely to fix the problem. They installed a "VNC agent" to allow them to access my computers. They found the problem, but created a bigger one: after they installed the agent, all three computers no longer recognized me as the administrator.

I emailed them about it, and called the tech person who worked on the computers, and got no reply. Since I had already been through months of computer problems, I didn't push back when they ignored my email and call. I didn't realize at the time what the implications of the problem were.

After finding that there were certain things I couldn't do on the computer because of this situtaion, I decided to hound them again for help. I sent their CEO an email, which she did not reply to, then left her a voicemail. She had one of her VPs call me and he said that they would have someone access my computers to find out what the problem was. When the day came when they were supposed to call me to begin the session, they never called.

Again I sent an email to them and got no reply. Again I called the CEO. She had one of her VPs call me. He flatly denied that Geeks On Time caused the problem. He said that my operating systems were corrupted and I would have to have the OSs re-installed. I found it surprising that all three OSs would suddenly become courrupted at the same time. What a coincidence that this happeend on the day that they installed the VNC agent. So all they were going to charge me to fix this was $550.

This is how Geeks On Time responds to customer problems. This is like somoene going to a hospital and getting sick from being in the hospital. Only a hospital would not deny all responsibility.

If you need tech support, find another company. These people cause more problems than they fix.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-23:
Can you login as the Admin anylonger? If not send me an IM, we have a software tool that may fix the problem for you. Geeks On Time sound even worse than The Geek Squad.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-02-24:
Geek Squad!!! GRrrrr!!! I would love to do a strafing run on that company.
Posted by divendra on 2008-02-24:
This company is Geeks On Time, not Geeksquad, although I agree that Geeksquad is pretty awful too. After all, they are part of Best Buy, the top evil company in my Evil Company Hall of Fame.
Posted by miketech on 2008-02-24:
I don't see how installing VNC would change admin rights. That's just odd. I work on computers and sometimes one problem causes another but I always fix it. I do mainly small businesses and they have to work, so I make sure they work when I leave and if they don't I come back.
I have been in behind Geek Squad a few times and am shocked at the bills people wave in front of me.
I guess that's why I haven't advertised in 3 years.
Posted by divendra on 2008-02-24:
I don't know how it happened, but the day that they installed the VNC, I no longer was able to get automatic Windows updates and the option to selelct it was greyed out, on all three of my computers. It's hard to believe that this happened to all 3 computers on the same day and it was just a coincidence that the VNC agent was installed that day. One computer, ok maybe, but 3? They should at least be willing to help me find out what happened, which they said they would but then changed their minds.
Posted by smpjaz on 2008-03-20:
I have done remote work for GeeksOnTime in the past, and am very familiar with the remote agents they use, as well as the typical remote system they use for situations like this. I personally can't comment on your customer service experiences with them, however, it appears you are probably doing what many customers do when problems occur that are technically beyond their understanding.
First, did the original onsite tech only work on your printer issue, or did you have them working on anything else (like spyware, virus, email, networking?)
Did they bill you for the entire time spent onsite?
When they provided a solution to your original problem with a remote tech, was that followup service free?
How long did it take the remote tech to fix the problem?
How do you know you know longer have administrative rights on your computer? You say all 3 computers stopped recognizing you as the admin, but I wonder why you would have gone looking to check your rights. I suspect you probably were trying to do one specific task (or use one program) that referenced you not having permissions or suggested you might not have admin rights and this triggered your assumption that the problem was caused by the service call. As I said before, I'm very familiar with the Geeks On Time remote system and neither method they use for remotes affect user permissions in any way.
Was there a specific program you were having problems with that led you to believe it was an administrative rights issue?
Also, when they told you you would need to wipe and reload 3 computers, how did they justify that to you, and how did they come up with the $550 price? Again, I'm very familiar with the way they work. Just as you find it odd that 3 machines would all become corrupted simultaneously, a company run by computer techs would also find that unlikely. If one person at the company described that situation, I find it impossible to believe no one else at geeks said, "Wait a second, that's not normal..."

Maybe if you answer some of my questions, I'll have a better understanding of your side, but as a tech, I often hear customers who have a clouded perspective of the service they receive, and often assume that the only events that cause negative effects are the ones they can understand, and they also assume that the only events that take place during service are the events that they personally witness.. I personally spent weeks having to convince a customer that even though I installed her printer 2 weeks prior, my service had nothing to do with her hard drive crashing. Unfortunately, she couldn't accept the fact that other things are happening in those boxes other than what she sees.
Posted by divendra on 2008-03-20:
The problem started on the day they installed the VPN agent. I had administrator rights on all three computers because I am the sole user of all three. I discovered that I did not have the rights anymore when WINDOWS AUTOMATIC UPDATES WOULD NO LONGER RUN. I had automatic updates on all 3 computers for a year before this incident, then all of a sudden the button to set the rights was greyed out and when I tried to schedule them, the computer said I was not the administrator. Yet I AM the administrator. I looked in User section and I AM the administrator, even now. Later in the year I found other problems, which I'm sure I mentioned in my original post, which the computer stated were specifically due to my not being an administrator, despite the fact that if you, a tech support person, looked in my computers' control panel section on User rights, you'd see the I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR. Only thing is, Windows doesn't know that. See, even a computer can make a mistake.

Just because I am not knowledgeable about computers does not mean I am completely stupid and that I do not know what happened.
Posted by smpjaz on 2008-03-21:
So the problem isn't that you don't have administrative rights. Often times if the automatic update options are greyed out, it's because a piece of software or a policy is blocking it. Again, neither of these things are done by installing the geeks on time vnc client. Do you have Windows Live Onecare installed on your computer? Do you use any sort of firewall program other than the windows firewall (windows live onecare is not the same as windows firewall)?

The reason you keep assuming you lost administrative rights is probably because it's telling you one POSSIBLE reason for not being able to run updates is because you might not have administrative rights. But it's not the only reason. And if your user list is showing you as an administrator, then you ARE an administrator. Which means that is NOT the reason you can't get updates. Try looking here for more info on your problem, although I caution you when it comes to modifying the registry.. if this doesn't allow me to post links, I'll repost the information from the page I'm trying to link to.

Posted by divendra on 2008-03-22:
Sir -
I contacted MIcrosoft about this issue when I discovered it. They had no idea of what could be causing the problem. At the time this issue occurred, I did have Windows Live Oncecare, but have since removed it. I had had it for about 6 months before this problem happened.

I do not ASSUME I don't have administrative rights - I have been TOLD by various Windows messages that certain functions (outlined in my original post) cannot proceed because I am not the administrator. The problem is, I AM the administrator, but something is not recognizing that when I try to do certain things only the administrator can do.

I wonder if the fact that this happened to all THREE of my computers on the day they installed the VCN has any significance? As I said to someone above, if it had happened with one computer, I would't be connecting this situation with the installation of the VCN, but since it happened at all THREE, then what extraordinary event occurred to cause this issue on three computers all on the same day?

The more I read what you say, the more I am convinced that you work for Geeks on Time.

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