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Review by LAH on 2008-02-24
DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- My mother turned 80 years old on feb 20, 2008. She has 8 kids in our family 7 girls and one boy and my father passed away 6 years ago and it's been very very hard on my mother. We decided for her 80th birthday we would go all out and have a great party in a nice restaurant with arabic food, dancing and a singer. My one sister even came from calfornia. We had a cousin in the detroit area check on night clubs to find a nice one that would fit 25 to 30 people with music, belly dancers, good food and a singer, she suggested adonis ~ phenicia on schaefer in dearborn mi, we live in lansing so that was a long drive but it was worth it for my mothers 80th birthday. My cousin called Phenicia ~ Adonis and made reservations for 27 people at 8:30pm on a Saturday night, 19 of us drove from lansing & grand ledge area to the restaurant, and met the rest of our party from the detroit area their.

My cousin was told on the phone with a party that big we would not have to pay a cover charge (we thought that was very nice until they said we have to spend at least $500.00) We figured that would not be a problem with that many people, then my cousin was told no jeans or t-shirts, we where the first people to come to the night club. We didn't wear jeans every one was dressed up in dress clothes, later that evening around 10pm more people started to come in with jeans on and t-shirts. When we sat at our table we where told we had to put all of our food on one bill, we explained to them some people will be paying cash and others will be charging their food and drinks, so they agreed to do it separate. Everyone went to the bar to order their dinks to keep things simple, they would charge one person $6.00 For a beer and another person $8.00 For the same beer, we also could purchase a Regular Size Bottle of Absolute Vodka and serve your self, 3 of us did that at 3 different times and was charged 3 different prices for the same bottle of absolute vodka, one person was charged $90.00, Another $100.00 And the 3ard $110.00 We did not know this at the time. If I purchase this same Bottle at a store it would cost about $27.00 to $30.00 a Bottle. Hookah's where $25.00 each and also paid for seperate.

The entertainment started at 11pm, the music was good, some of food was good and some of it was dry and hard, they where out of a lot of items on the menu, no one was served at the same time, the food came out two plates at a time during a 30 min time period, one of the girls asked for a glass of water and they brought out 20 bottles of water to the table and said they do not have a glass for water, we assumed it was free due to the fact they brought 20 of them and only one person asked for a glass of water. When we asked for our bills they said you'll have to pay one bill we can't break it down for you, the bill was $868.00 This did not include any alcoholic beverages, every one bought their own drinks at the bar. The $868.00 Was for the food only. We looked over the bill and could not figure out why it was so high, nothing was itemized, it said stuff like ~ open food $20.00. Bottled water $50.00, That we had no idea we where being charged for nor did we ask for. So we spoke to the owner and the manager said he would take off the fee for the water and only took off $30.00 Of the $50.00 And we would keep asking why is it so high, everyone paid for what they ordered with 6% tax and 20% gratuity and we are still short almost $200.00 There is no way this bill could be correct. They asked how much money did we collect we told him $675.00 And that was with people putting in extra money because the bill was so high and everyone paid for what they ordered. The owner finally took the $675.00 And told us to leave. We went over the bill and what everyone ordered with tax and tip and there was no way it should have been that much, especially because all the alcohol was paid for separate when someone wanted a drink they made it with the bottle they bought or went to the bar and purchased their drink. I stopped in the restroom before leaving and I said to some girl's "watch your bill because they add stuff on you don't order" one girl said to me "yeah" I know they charged us $800.00 Once and we had to pay it, so now we watch it very close. I would never go back to that restaurant for the food or entertainment, they had a belly dancer at 12am and she was good, but they told my cousin on the phone they would have 2 singers and two dancers and they did not. They are running a scam on large groups of people that come in to the club. I may have thought it was an accident if it was not for the way they behaved when we confronted them on the bill and then the girl in the restroom who said the same thing had happen to her and some friends. When we left the night club it was full of people and so many of them had jeans on, I don't understand why they would change the rules and prices so many times in one evening. They also had to turn a few people away because the night club was full at 12am, so I'm sure he was happy for us to leave so he could let more paying customers in, We had planed on staying longer and having more drinks but they told us we had to leave, but they could not and would not explain the bill and why it was so high.
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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-25:
Absolute Vodka for about $100 average? Yeah, I'd say that's a rip off, unless it was a 3 gallon bottle full of gold. Average Street value on that is about $30.

The rest of this story doesn't make sense though. You took your grandmother out and everyone was drinking hard liquor and waiting for the belly dancer at midnight?
Posted by B. on 2008-02-25:
I guess grandma sure like too party.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-25:
Wow, where did all the comments go on this one?
Posted by LAH on 2008-02-26:
This party was for my 80 year old Mother ~ No!!! she does not go out and party ~ that was why we took her out with 7 out of 8 of her Kids and other Family Members, I guess the Point is they Inflate the BILL and if you go their with a Large Group of people ~ Watch your bill it was at least $175.00 more then it should have been even with the tax and over $100.00 tip included.

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