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Review by ramy on 2008-02-25
I consider myself a victim of Buhler Superstore auto dealership in Eatontown, NJ and the reason for that that I allowed myself to buy a car from the dealership that according to my experience, I was the most painful and inconvenient transaction that I ever had.

On Jan, 24th 2008 I drove more than two hours to Eatontown, NJ from White Plains, NY to test drive the 2004 Mercury Monterey that was offered for sale on eBay by the named Dealership, I met with John [snip] a sales man that he claimed that he has been with the dealership as a salesman for over eight years, John was busy running around because he was helping me and another customer on the same time, he even let me test drive the car by my self knowing that I’m a stranger and I don’t know the area at all and it was already dark out.

I couldn’t get a to a satisfactory deal with john basically because he was acting as a messenger between me and someone else that setting in another area running back and forth to communicate the deal, when I was ready to leave; another salesman that I don’t remember his name came along and offered to try to help me to reach a deal, finally we agreed some terms involving my trade-in vehicle and finished the purchase and I was getting ready and starting my new car the dealership lights turned of and they were out the door before even I leave the Lot, it was 9:20pm and they were 20 minutes late, but they didn’t even wait until I leave the dealership lot.

They gave me 20 day temporary tag and collected all the registration fees to finish the paper work with the DMV; my tags had expiration date Feb. 12th 2008.

On Friday Feb. 08th 2008 at 5:00pm I called John [snip] to check on my registration because my temp tag were going to expire in two business days, so he said that the registration specialist couldn’t do any thing with my paper work because they needed my Social security number, so I asked him why they didn’t call me he said “THE BUSINESS MANAGER WAS ON VACATION AND HE WAS SUPPOSED TO PLACE THE CALL”, I expressed my concern that there is only two business days left he said “DON’T WORRY IT WILL BE DONE ON MONDAY AND YOU WILL GET ON TUESDAY”

On Monday Feb. 11th 2008 at 1:30 pm I called John again to make sure that everything is ok with my paper work But he said “OH; SHE DIDN’T CALL YOU??? OK GIVE ME YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AGAIN AND I’LL GIVE IT TO HER”
I got upset and gave him my SSN. Again.

After one hours and after rethinking about the situation, I decided to call again and ask to speak to the manager, so I did; the operator connected me with someone called Mark, I explained to him what happened but his respond was real shocking to me; after I finished the story all he said was “OK???”.

So I said “no it is not ok” I will not be able to drive my car tomorrow and you need to tell me what is going on, he asked me for my phone number and said that he will try to find Laurie, the registration specialist and ask her for updates.

And for sure I didn’t get any calls for two hours so I called back on 5:00pm asking about him again the operator parson her name was Rachel, she was already got familiar with the situation, she said that he can’t take my call, and she said that Laurie, the registration specialist has left for the day, so I got angry, but she jumped and said that she will call me first thing in the morning at 9:00am to tell me that she spoke to Laurie and will give me the final update, so I asked her about Mark wondering what manager he is, and why he didn’t call me and the shocking news was that he is the SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER, AND I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW IGNORING THIS PERSON WAS.

Clock is ticking and her is the next day Feb. 12th 2008 which is the day my registration will expire AND SURE I got no calls tell 10:00am so I called back talked to Rachel, she said that Laurie, the registration specialist got the information she needs and will process my paper work today, and also said that “Buhler Superstore WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TICKETS THAT I MAY GET FOR DRIVING MY CAR WITH AN EXPIRED REGISTRATION”

Honestly I didn’t buy this and tried to prove that they are bluffing, so asked here to put this in writing and fax it to me and she said that she will get the manager to do this and actually I was surprised that I got the fax on the Buhler Superstore letter head (see attached).

I couldn’t believe it, and I told my self maybe that is possible but I don’t have the guts to drive my car with an expired registration, so I went to the DMV to ask them if that OK.

And sure the answer was, “SURE NOT” the DMV person was looking at my like I’m so stupid because I asked that question, but I think I’m really stupid because I had business with Buhler Superstore.

I called the dealership back to talk to any manager no body wanted to talk to me and the person who answered the call said that they all in a meeting and asked me to call back in 15 minutes, the problem is the person didn’t place the call on hold, and I over heard him say, “that is him again”.

I called back and Rachel took the call I told here what happened in the DMV, but she insisted that it is not a problem if drive my car WITH AN EXPIRED REGISTRATION. So I told here ‘please let me speak to any manager’ she said “NO ONE CAN HELP YOU ANY FURTHER”

Finally John [snip] gets the call; and said that I’ll get the registration on Friday which after four days, I told him it was not my mistake that I didn’t give them my SSN, because I simply don’t know that they didn’t have it and thy needed it, and it was not my mistake that no one took the time to call me and ask me about it.

I also said that I know only two things:

1- I can’t drive my car like this because it is illegal and he can’t insist to ask me to do something illegal
2- Second, I can’t live without a car for one day, and I asked him to help me to figure something out.


So I was mad and angry and said, it is your fault and you have to arrange me a rental car tell Friday, it is not the first time that I deal with a dealership and they always do anything to satisfy a customer.

But The Answer was something I couldn’t hear and “HE HUNG UP THE PHONE ON MY FACE”

That was my experience with Buhler superstore in Eatontown, NJ.

Now tell me if you where in my place what you possibly do and what would you call this purchase experience, knowing that I gave up and have nothing else to do other than to shut-up and wait for the registration to arrive by mail.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-02-25
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-25:
I would have just driven the car. They put on their letterhead they would handle any tickets. Even if you were stopped, I'm sure showing the officer the letter would 99% of the time avoid paper.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-25:
I have to agree with Slimjim on this one. I also would have driven the car.

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