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Review by butynbreyn on 2008-02-25
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This Montessori school is supposed to be a day care for toddlers. I expect the caregivers and teachers to nurture the children but they let them cry alone sitting on a chair. They don't feed the kids even they can not eat on their own.

Toddlers should be comforted and given whatever it takes so they will stop crying but they let them cry for hours.
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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-25:
Toddlers should NOT be given whatever they want to calm them down. This leads to entitlement many years down the road.

Perhaps the school is short staffed and don't have enough people working there. If your child is there and you are unhappy, I would look elsewhere and if you think that these problems are real, make a phone call to the state.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-25:
I take it Smurf you're no fan of Harry Harlow's theories. Wire framed mothers...what a kook.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-25:
I'm ok with children crying sometimes as it is true...children should not be given whatever they want in order to calm them down. However, I do have issue with them not being fed...especially those who can't feed themselves. I for one would MOVE my child to another day care facility immediately. I would also file a complaint with the State.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-25:
If a toddler is crying 'for hours' - there is something wrong. A toddler crying because he/she did not get their own way will generally cry for a relatively short period of time - not hours. This would be an indication of some sort of pain, which needs attention. If this facility is not taking care of the children, they should be reported to the authorites as soon as possible.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-02-25:
Are you a present or past employee of this facility? Is your child currently in their care? How do you know that toddlers are sitting on chairs crying for hours and that children unable to feed themselves are going without food? You're making some pretty serious accusations and I'd suggest making sure you have proof prior to filing a formal complaint with the State of California.
Posted by butynbreyn on 2008-02-25:
To Suusan B.
Yes, I saw him myself sitting on that chair alone and crying for long time and not eating. If you are a good mother, you can tell if the child is crying for hours.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-02-25:
If you're a good mother you can tell if a child has been crying for hours? LOL!

If you're such a good mother then why did you watch him it in the chair alone, crying and not eating for "long time"?
Posted by fascismsux on 2008-02-25:
It seems to me to reflect terribly on our culture that it has become so normal to leave ones children in the hands of strangers while one slaves away to pay the bills . I say rebel against that sort of slavery -REBEL- opt-out of the american nightmare . Whats the point of working if ya gotta give the money to babysitters .strange babysitters should not raise your children . Stay home . Apply for welfare . be free. be mommy.
Posted by butynbreyn on 2008-02-25:
Brenda, it is the Montessori school that let my grandson cry and sit alone on the chair for so long. Not I.
Posted by mommyof5 on 2008-09-08:
Brenda is saying why did you just sit there watching your grandson cry for a long time. If you were a "good grandmother" you should have walked in the minute you saw him crying. A "good mother", most likely, would have gone in to see what was the problem.

I have 2 kids going to that school and are very happy with the staff. At first, my kids cryed when I took them but that is normal. It took a while before my kids warmed up. Untill this day, sometimes they don't want to go but show me a child who WANTS to go to school everyday.

You need to have some pretty hard facts before making serious accusations like these. Have you been monitoring him for the whole day or just saw him the minute you walked in. How do you know he was crying "for hours"? Maybe yous hould quit your job and take care of the child, full-time, since it seems you don't trust this school. If you can't trust a Montessori then you can't trust anything else. Are you willing to let an ordinary day care out of a house take care of your child?

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