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Review by JackieW999 on 2008-02-28
ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- Don't use Geek Squad... they are expensive and very slow. They have had my computer for a week now and it hasn't even been looked at yet. The store in St. Petersburg near Tyrone Mall is ridiculous. They never answer the phone. I have been trying to get through for 2 days and have had endless ringing no matter what option I choose. I have been hung up on 6 times without even saying hello. When I did FINALLY get through, I asked for the manager, who was, of course, unavailable. Then I got the Geek Squad Manager who said my computer wasn't even looked at yet after a week. I told him how frustrated I was with this whole process and he goes into telling me how there's only 2 people in the dept, yadda, yadda, like I care. I told him I was picking the computer up today and wanted a refund, and he said OK. I pre-paid $200.00. They really DO NOT GIVE A CRAP. Do yourself a huge favor and take your computer to a private shop for repair. Geek Squad is a fine idea on paper, but it's not working. I had similar issues with them about a year ago also and am mad at myself for going back there. Dont waste your money, and more importantly, don't waste your time and aggravation.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-28:
Geek Squad was a great service until BB bought them out a couple of years ago. Now it's only a for-profit customer be damned operation. They don't even fix computers in the stores anymore. All are shipped to a central facility where they sit around until someone decides to take a look. And even then there's no guarantee problems will be fixed.
Posted by thensider on 2008-02-28:
Passingby:thats absolutly untrue. while i agree that this persons issue is taking too long to resolve, Geek Squad agents do, in fact constinue to work in the stores. Thats not to say taht products are never sent out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-08:

I agree with JackieW99; GeekSquad is terrible. They refused to help me over the phone with a legitimate software product key I got with software I bought from THEM. Plus, I have a Compaq Presario I bought from them (running Vista), it's been "in repair" for almost a month now!!

So, thensider, you tool, maybe you haven't had problems with GeekSquad but a number of us have. Okay, they are not perfect, you are just lucky!!
Posted by troy2000me on 2008-03-15:
"he goes into telling me how there's only 2 people in the dept, yadda, yadda, like I care."

He was TRYING to EXPLAIN to you why it is taking so long! Right or wrong he was telling you WHY. And you don't even care?

We had the same problem at Circuit City firedog. We had a LINE of computers waiting, there were TWO of us that worked at the tech bench, not a day, TWO OF US total. So most days there was only 1 guy or a few hours of overlap. During the busy months there was a Week and a half wait time before we could even TOUCH or look at your PC. And I told customers that up-front.

Some customers agreed, some people did not want to wait that long, but I told them and set the expectation that it will be at least a few weeks.

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