Villa Venezia Italian Restaurant Complaint - Poor customer service, seating arrangements

Review by jc1957nv on 2008-03-02
Resolution Update on 03/21/2008:
The mgr contacted my e-mail. He stated he did mail me a response shortly after recieving my letter with a coupone for 2 free dinners. I never recieved. Mail lost? He was appolgetic for the incident and still offered to come in on him. I could have taken action that night, might have avoided this. All is good now. I recommend this restaurant, still a great place. And they respond well to customers.
GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Visiting Villa Venezia on 12/24/07 Christmas eve with family. Made reservation about 30 days adv. Arrived 15min early. Host seated us outside on an outdoor patio. City is at about 2400 ft elev in Dec! Patio was covered and had canvass sides but had cold drafts. Had a propane heater at our table w/ lap blankets. By the time It dawned on me where we had been placed the host left. I didn't complain at the time. The restaurant was pretty full. Plus didn't want to make scene. Thought we could tough it out. Service wasn't that fast either. Heater stopped working 1/2 way through dinner. By the time we were done, we were all freezing. Cold feet etc. Cost $150++. I wrote a snail mail polite letter of complaint to the owner. I did not receive any reply.

So, I am posting my complaint on the net. Restaurant is in Grass Valley, CA.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-03:
"So,I am not posting my complaint on the net."

Hate to tell you this, but you just did.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2008-03-03:
I went to NY for the first time in the middle of a day and half long snowstorm that dropped over a foot of snow on the city. My friends brother lived there, so he took us to his favorite restaurants. At one we had to sit on an outside patio with heaters and tarps, often the snow would blow through the tarps. Fortunately for me, I was so excited to be in NY that I didn't care.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-03-03:
Things happen. Especially around Christmas the restaurants are busy. This situation could have been avoided two ways. By speaking to the manager and politely requesting he/she seat you somewhere else or leaving.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-03:
Prin says it so eloquently
Posted by jc1957nv on 2008-03-21:
Re Villa Venezia, I have e-mailed with the owner/mgr and they did mail me something shortly after my initial letter. I never received it. He was appolgetic and is more than willing to make things right. So I should have taken more action on my part. Think before jumping I guess. anyway...I will be returning sometimme and will talk to the mgr in person.

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