Sleek MedSpa Complaint - Mesotherapy Does Not Work

Review by whernan77 on 2008-03-03
BURLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went in to Sleek Medspa for a free consultation/analysis. They said they could help me with abdominal fat with mesotherapy injections as an alternative to liposuction. I have had six treatments and now almost 8 months later, I have had no progress or changes. I have however, changed my diet and exercise regimen, but the belly fat is still there. I should have known to walk out of there when they showed me a picture of Britney Spears, citing she was also using mesotherapy.

I have since read that these injections break up the fat, but the fat has no where to go, so now I have soft fat. Lovely, isn't it?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-03:
HELLO!!!Nothing can do the work for you. It takes diet and exercise.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-02:
I have also been ripped off by Sleek Medspa in Burlington, MA. I was promised complete hair removal for my very expensive package of 6 visits. At my last visit I still had no results - They told me to buy another package! I told them I would not pay another cent and expected to see promised results for the money I already spent...they let me have 6 more treatments. A year later and still no results I am planning a small claims case. I suggest anyone else who's been scammed do the same. If no one speaks up, businesses get away with millions of our hard earned dollars.
Posted by Sleek Medspa on 2008-08-15:
Dear Whernan77,

My name is Andrew Rudnick, and I am the CEO of Sleek Medspa. I am writing to you to send my sincere apologies in regards to your experience with Sleek Medspa. I understand your thoughts and views on your experience with Sleek, and I personally would like to invite you in, free of charge, to come in and experience the new technology we have to offer for mesotherapy as well as offering a number of other non-invasive procedures that can also help for you to reach your desired goals. We are committed at Sleek to making everyone happy with their desired achievements. I would love to speak with you about your experience personally, and give you a $500 gift certificate, as it is the least I can do with the experience you have encountered at Sleek. Please feel free to call me anytime at 561-988-4098 ext. 233. Once again, I am truly sorry for your unsatisfactory experience that you had with us at Sleek Medspa.

Andrew Rudnick
CEO, Sleek Medspa
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-15:
Hey Andy, if you are truly sorry then why don't you buy Whernie, a lifetime membership to a FITNESS CENTER?! A fitness coach? Perhaps a nutritionist?
Posted by JenT on 2009-01-29:
I too went to Sleek Medspa Burlington back in October for a consultation. I was deciding between Mesotherapy and Liposuction on my stomach. I have had the mesotherapy done before on the back of my legs and butt at a certified Doctor in Cherry Hill, NJ with excellent results. I even did a Channel 10 News spot for his office showing my results. So now that I am in my mid-30's was looking for help with some abdominal fat. The consultant at Sleek MedSpa told me the prices of both options, but that the mesotherapy would cover my entire stomach for $500 less than the liposuction which would not cover as much area. I weighed my option of more fat being taken care of with the pain of needles; opting for the Mesotherapy. I have had 10 sessions (once a week) alternating lower and upper abdomen and my stomach is EXACTLY the same as it was when I started. Being that I have had this done before with excellent results; I am doubtful of the concoction used by Sleek MedSpa. I am also concerned with the amount of injections they allow per session. I do not believe they are enough to do the job. I have 2 sessions remaining and am not convinced in those 2 sessions I will suddenly see miraculous results. I feel ripped off as I have had previous experience with my body reacting well to this treatment. I am 5'5" and 135 pounds...the mesotherapy should have worked. I will be bringing this to Sleek Medspa's management on my next visit and expect a full refund!

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