Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited Complaint - Paid In Full And Never Received

Review by Richland on 2008-03-14
CHINA -- Tuohe Enterprises Group will give you false information, take your money and not send you their product. Doing business with them will be expensive. I stand by this statement and would be glad to furnish detailed information about how they swindeled me out of over $5,000.00. This China Manufacturer will tell you anything and deliver nothing that you pay for.

Contact me by EMAIL at [snip] if you request complete documentation. I will give you my telephone number then.
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Posted by thensider on 2008-03-14:
If you dont mind my asking, Why cant you tell us the details here, on a site designed to share stories like yours?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-14:
Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited is one of the largest professional foreign trade companies and producers in China.

Through years of effort, we have established ourselves as an international trading, manufacturing and marketing company which specializes in a wide range of motorcycles, Scooters, ATV, Go-kart, Rough Terran, Tricycles and etc. They are all exported worldwide. Our product is selling well in the North America and the South-East Asia market as well, thanks to our reliable quality and reasonable price. We can not only deal with CBU or CKD, SKD, but also can help our customers to build their own factory and establish assembly line, testing line and etc. According to their different needs.

Our factory is located in Zhejiang in the coastland of China. Currently, we own more than 2000 experienced and well-trained workers and about 56 professional techni-cians in our factory, with around 350, 000sq. Meter area. A full range of cars, motorcycles and cleaners we offer are manufactured from our specialized impor-ted production facilities. And it can produce hundreds of styles of motorcycle with the displacement from 50CC to 250CC. It has the annual throughput of 300, 000 motorcycles; 100, 000 cars and 500, 000 vacuum cleaners. We have always focused on quality to keep our customers satisfied. Our scientific management and QC system are ISO 9001 approved and meet to E-MARK standard of E. E. C. Our design and production will ensure your satisfaction with our work. After-sales service and quick delivery are guaranteed.

Moreover we have the ability to follow current trends worldwide and the flexibility to customize our products according to our customers demands.

Our business principle is very simple: Credibility and Honesty. So we enjoy a good reputation among our customers in the cars and motorcycles industry. We will always adhere to this policy at all times.

Posted by Richland on 2008-03-20:
to: thensider and superbow; I was assured by Tuohe Enterprises vis email received April 27,2007 that EPA/DOT was no problem on their model TH250-3W. After this assurance I received Proforma Invoice for one sample April 28,2007 in the amount of $2,224.00 for the TH250-3W. May 07,2007 $2,224.00 was wired to Tuohe Enterprises. On Email dated May22,2007 from Tuohe that product would be sent early days of June 2007.In August I received email from Tuohe stating they were sorry it can not be shipped at this time, will try our best to send ASAP. On August 15,2007 I had a Chinese friend contact Touhe in China and Tuohe respnded with email August 17,2007 that the TH250-3w would be shipped soon. November 20,2007 I received email from Tuohe stating " i would like to confirm two things about current situation" 1) TH250-3W, it is no EPA/DOT Actually. But we have approved with 250cc engine with EPA so we can clear customs in your country thrugh our contacts but need US$200 to clear the service cost. 2) About the delivery date for the TH250-3W, it is need 20 days more and you should pay us US$300 again, Because the freight you paid is not enough for ship. If you pay US$500 more in total you will get in 20 days. ??? On December 10,2007,I finally requested my funds be returned with in 30 days, after another request for more money. I have all documentation to support what I have said. This is March 20,2008 and no funds have been returned. Does this sound like a good company to do business with? Stephen Hussey, President of Richland Automall, Inc.
Posted by Gas Miser on 2009-01-09:
We have also been ripped off BIG TIME by Tuohe!!
I beg to differ with superbowl. Obviously superbowl is one of the Tuohe sales staff. Tuohe is nothing but a trading company operating out of a small office in Shanghia and is using the front as a huge company which they are not!!

I have imported quality musical instruments from China for ten years. We recently decided to start marketing Scooters, Motorcycles and Go Karts from China when the gas price had reached $4.00 per gallon.

We spent several weeks researching and contacting various scooter and motorcycle factories from China in order to place orders. One of the businesses that we contacted was Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited of Shanghai through their web site for prices and information on shipping the product to us back in August of 2008.

When contacting Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited the very first thing I asked was "Are you a factory or just a trading company?" Shirley at Tuohe assured me that they were indeed the factory. Over several weeks we asked Shirley three more times if they were the Factory *For Sure* and she kept assuring us that Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited was indeed the factory and NOT a Trading Company.

It seems in the past dealing with many Chinese in our musical instrument business we found out that almost everyone claims to be the factory, when in fact most are nothing but a trading company that arranges orders for a
profit by putting up a nice web site and providing brochures that shows them as the factory. They take a very nice profit by doing this and many operate on a shoe string for revenue.

We finally negotiated a price in late September 2008 for the product that we were buying. When we negotiated this price, we told Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited that we always import our own product and use our own freight people which is Fed Ex Trade Networks. Tuohe Enterprise Group agreed to this. We have used Fed Ex Trade Networks for many imports from China for several years and understand clearly how the importing works. For the second time, before placing the order I asked Tuohe Enterprise Group if they understood that we would use our own freight people and if they had a problem with this, then we need to know. They told me it would be fine.

Once the contract was negotiated it is common procedure for the company that you are doing business with overseas to send a Pro-Forma invoice. This is an invoice with the break down of the prices, the quantities and the total
amount owed.

It is common practice to send the factory 30% deposit to get the order going. We bank wired the 30% ($25,573) to Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited as a deposit at that time. Once the order is finished then the balance would be
due in full when the factory placed the goods on board the ship through our shipping agent and provided us with a Copy of the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading proves the goods are on board and ready to leave on the ship once
the balance is paid to the factory. Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited had agreed to this.

In late October Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited notified us that our order was ready and that we must pay them the balance in full from pictures of the product only. Are you kidding just from pictures we were going to send $50,000 + to them!! We argued the point that this was not our agreement and that the product must be placed on board the ship through our Freight Forwarder and we would pay the balance by a Copy of the Bill of Lading. Tuhoe Enterprise Group refused.

Tuohe Enterprise Group approached us with two different options at that time. They would place the goods on their ship through their shipper and then we could pay the balance from their shippers Bill of Lading. This gave
us NO security at all because they could make up a shipper name and also a Fake Bill of Lading.

The second choice was to pay them 25% more money and then they would let us use our own Freight Forwarder after 25% more was paid. I immediately requested all of our money back that we had paid. Tuohe told us that was impossible since all of the 169 Scooters and Motorcycles had been finished as well as our Decals placed on the scooters with our name. Tuohe said these decals could not be removed and we must take the product and no money would
be refunded.

We now knew we were duped. I told Tuohe that I was flying a relative six hours from Hong Kong to Shanghai to inspect the goods. Tuohe Enterprise Group agreed to this. They assumed that my relative was American who spoke English only when in actuality it was a sister in law who originated from the Philippines that spoke and could read some Chinese.

In early December my relative flew in to Shanghai and went to the office of Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited and found no factory there. My relative purposely spoke English all of the time she was there.

My relative was shuttled 2 hours to a factory whom Tuohe said was theirs to inspect the product of ours. Little did Tuohe Enterprise Group know that my relative read the Chinese written sign on the factory that said Shanghai
Meitian Motorcycle Company.There were very few people in the factory and no one was working on a normal work day. Not much product was anywhere to be seen. Tuohe Enterprise Group had lied about themselves being the factory!

My relative asked to see all of our product. One, JUST ONE container was opened for her. The scooter had no Name emblem placed on it but rather it had the Name emblem under the seat. When my relative pointed this out Shirley from Tuohe Enterprise Group tried to quickly cover up the previous lie. Shirley from Tuohe said the products could not have the emblems already placed on them because it was against the law to place them on the scooter before importing them into our country. This was another outright lie by Tuohe Enterprise Group!

My relative asked to see the rest of our product. Shirley from Tuohe Enterprise pointed to approximately 21 more cartons and said they were ours. This was a far cry from 169 cartons which were supposed to be ready.

Once the report was given to me by my relative I confronted Tuohe Enterprise Group by e-mail about the lack of product that was supposed to be ready and about the lies told to me. I demanded our money back in full or to be fair I
asked that only $25,573 worth of product be shipped to us at out expense.

The response from Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited was that they demanded the balance of all the money in full immediately and they would ship our product to us or if we refused to pay they would start a $50 per day per unit
storage on each scooter and after 30 days it would become $100 per day per unit. After 90 days they said the scooters would become their property. In fact this notice was given to me in Chinese writing by e-mail. They did not think I could decipher it.

The moral of this story is: If you want to get screwed by a bunch of liars and cheats then do business with Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited. We have filed paperwork with the US Embassy asking them to go through the Foreign Trade Ministry In China for help. We have also had to hire a Chinese Law Firm To try and get the money back. Wish us luck retrieving over $25,000.
Written by Mel Moeller, president of Great Tunes LLC and also owner of Gas Miser Motorsports

Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-09:
Gas, You need to calm down and report the facts as you know them. I can guarantee you that Super has no connection to Tuohe. The information he provided gives people here a better understand of the source of the problem, not provided by the poster up til then. Information is critical in a post.
Your statement regarding super's relation to Tuohe was uncalled for and I would imagine made in the heat of the moment.
Posted by Gas Miser on 2009-02-02:
It is Very obvious who Superbowl is promoting and who they are when they say in the above posting quote"
Through years of effort, **we** have established **ourselves** as an international trading, manufacturing and marketing company which specializes in a wide range of motorcycles, Scooters, ATV, Go-kart, Rough Terran, Tricycles and etc. They are all exported worldwide. **Our product** is selling well in the North America and the South-East Asia market as well, thanks to our reliable quality and reasonable price. **We** can not only deal with CBU or CKD, SKD,
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-02:
Gas, Superbowl isn't promoting anything. What's above is a direct copy and paste from the Tuohe website. Click the link provided, and you would know that.

Posted by Gas Miser on 2009-02-02:
Tuohe Enterprise Group Limited from China has obviously ripped off more than one business in the USA. If a person does a search they will see this.
Posted by scooterboy on 2009-03-12:
I've been looking for a reputable place to import a few scooters in from as a side business to supplement our primary source of income - After reading the reviews about Tuohe here and many other places on the web ( http://tuohescooter.com/ , etc.. ) I'll most certainly be finding a more trustworthy company to do business with. Thanks for the heads up, everyone!

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