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Review by tiabaldo21 on 2008-03-15
HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS -- We wentto this club on Saturday night. It was two of us, my husband and I. We ordered 2 drinks on my husband's card. Then we orderded 3 drinks more altogether. The total was 5 drinks. we were keeping the tab open. When we wre ready to go home, we asked for the bill. We were charged for 15 drinks, that we had nthing to do with. My husband was trying to solve the problem with the bartender, when the owner showed up. He was very very rude. He was saying that we were accusing his staff if overcharging!!.. while we WERE really overcharged, he was very ill-mannered, and was NOT interested in helping whatsoever.. and withot solving the situaion, he turned hs back on us and walked away. He also made a comment: "well, if it's not something you can pay for, then it's not the place for you"... After all, having made me cry, we had to wtill pay the bill that did not belong to us just to be able to leave.

It was a horrible experience and it's my first time trying to file a complaint. I'm not going to leave it this way.. We do not deserve to be treated ths way.
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Posted by CUFlipSide on 2008-03-16:
Take it up with your credit card company.
Posted by S. on 2008-03-16:
CU, in most circumstances I'd agree. However, will a CC company dispute just part of a charge and not the whole thing? Just wondering..
Posted by Embargo the Cape on 2008-03-16:
Have you ever been drinking with friends on the same bar tab and they leave you with the whole bill? You pay the bill and get the money from your friends later. You dont blame it on the bar. That was your bar tab. Your friends came back and offered to pay the difference! You didn't pay the whole tab you were discounted your friends drinks! You are a liar and a bad drinker. I told your friend that you would be welcomed back even though I had to pay for your drinks. But since you yave decided to try and make my business look bad publicly you can go learn to drink elsewhere.
Good Riddence
Posted by Miss Misery on 2008-03-16:
Well, it looks as though these two just joined M3C to air a recent dispute. I am curious if Embargo is just stating what he believes 'could have' happened and therefore why he was hesitant to buy their story of being wrongly charged. Or is his version what really transpired? Either way, I find it interesting that anyone can go up and charge a drink to someone's bar tab (if indeed the couple were sitting on their own). Then again, if a group is sitting at one table with only one card open for a tab - it's a free for all.
Ponie - I agree with your questioning the CC response. A CC company isn't about to fiddle with portions of an amount charged - it's all or nothing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-16:
AMEX let's you dispute a portion of a charge. You can agree with a lower amount and dispute the difference.
Posted by Embargo the Cape on 2008-03-16:
Hi Miss Misery, the bartenders at Embargo are the some of if not the best on the Cape. The moment a drink is served it is entered into a computer which is monitered on one of 16 cameras. The drink and price is displayed on the camera screen as is the person who placed the order and received the drink. This of course is then saved digitally for review. I spent alot of money on this system to ensure "could have happened" dosent ever happen! I can even email the video to credit card companies, or the police if people refuse to pay!
Friends share bar/dinner tabs all of the time!
Posted by Embargo the Cape on 2008-03-16:
well I guess your friends who ordered drinks on your bar tab have told you what happened by now and that is why we haven't heard back from you. You need to learn more about our culture here in America. We take our social etiquette very seriously. I suggest you practice drinking at home for a while... and use spellcheck next time you choose to rant about something you don't understand.
Posted by S. on 2008-03-17:
Looks like we got the 'other side' of this episode. Thanks for clarifying for us, Enmbargo the Cape.
Posted by S. on 2008-03-17:
Oops! Don't flame me for adding the 'n' in your name. :)

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