TurboTax Compliment - TurboTax is good, TaxCut is bad

Review by FoggyOne on 2008-03-18
Two years ago I used TaxAct (free off the internet) and found it a good tax preparation package. Last year I bought TaxCut. This year I bought TurboTax.

The following is my personal opinion on each.

Without question TurboTax is the best package, it is easy to use and navigation is a snap.

TaxAct is a fairly close second, it too was easy to use. I had a complicated return that year and TaxAct worked great.

TaxCut, by H&R Block, was so difficult to use I almost gave up on it - I have never sworn so much in all my life at software as I did trying to use TaxCut.

I am sure everybody has their opinion on what they like or not like and if TaxCut works for you, that is great. In my situation I found it very unsatisfactory.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-03-18:
I did TurboTax several years ago and found it was really easy to use. My problem is that doing my own taxes gives me an ulcer. I found an attorney/CPA to do my taxes for under $100 and it is the best money I have ever spent! I hope you are getting a nice refund.
Posted by S on 2008-03-18:
I'm a loyal "TaxAct" fan. Most folks have never heard of them, but I do my taxes every year using them... It is all done online, so no software to update each year... and they remember all my history which makes it easy for the next year.

At first I was a bit uneasy about having a 3rd party manage my info, but then I realized that basically every tax software package uses a 3rd party to collect and transmit your info to the IRS... there is no safe haven unless you file a paper return... which even that isn't 100% safe.
Posted by D. on 2008-03-18:
I agree with the poster...I've used TurboTax for the last five years or so and it has to be the simplest way of filing your taxes, there were times when it found more refund for me that I would not have been aware of.
Posted by thensider on 2008-03-18:
I just love Turbo Tax! it always finds all my deductions and when my Grandpa (who used to do my taxes and still insists on doing it by hand) took a look, Turbo Tax had found deductions he didnt even know existed!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
TurboTax is nicely put together, but I am amazed that no one has sued them over their practice of directing your refund to a bank which is is not your own. That bank, in turn, charges you a second time to forward your refund to your own bank. You can be fairly assured that the bank (Santa Barbara Trust Company) is kicking back a big chunk of that extra $29.95 to Intuit. This practice is just plain sleazy. They would like you to believe that your refund cannot be sent directly to your own bank, but this is just not true.
Posted by MRM on 2008-03-18:
FoggyOne, which of the three companies gave you a bigger refund?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
Ken, I remember when that fee was like $10, some racket eh? What is the real cost to process? Maybe a .25 cent ACH fee.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
SB...probably not even that much. What makes it even worse, is that they set up their screens in a manner that when you agree to the $29.95 charge for e-Filing, the screen refreshes with th emessage that your refund will be directed to SBTC, with the $29.95 still displayed, when you click OK you find out that you just agreed to TWO payments of $29.95. You will never convince me it was done that way innocently. I've been using TaxCut, and it suits me just fine.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-03-18:
Refund? I never get a refund - I'd rather have my money than letting the IRS have it for a year. I hate doing taxes and doing it more than once a year is asking too much of me, so I can't really give an opinion on the best package in that respect.

I would like to know who this CPA is that will do taxes for less than $100!!!

Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-03-18:
I will send you a PM because we are in the same general area. You don't mind crossing the river do you?
Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-03-18:
Go for it spiderman.
Posted by jonjaktez on 2008-03-19:
If you are a state farm customer, you can use turbo tax for free. Just go to statefarm.com and log into your "account" (insurance, banking, investment) and you will see a link on the left for free tax filling. I paid 0, yes zero, to do my fed and 2 state returns and e-filed 2 of them (one has to be paper filled but it's 0 due/owe so no big deal). That solves the paying issues. If you don't have any state farm products, consider getting a bank account and keep a small amount of money in it (I dont' know much about the banking because I don't use them for that).

As far as refunds being deposited into a bank that is not your own, I'm dont' know about that. What I do knwo is I do my taxes on paper before I do them on the computer and the refund amounts are the same.
Posted by debanne on 2008-03-23:
I used and Turbo Tax since it was first marketed. I trusted the program completely until last year. Last year I did my taxes and filed electronically but before I could print my own copy or back it up my laptop crashed completely. I had to buy a new laptop and because I hadn't had a chance to print a copy of my taxes I purchased another of copy Turbo Tax (SAME version as the previous one). They were both purchased within two weeks.) Anyway, I inputted the SAME info, the SAME way and Turbo Tax gave me a DIFFERENT refund amount! I'm not talking about a few cents but about a difference of around $100.00.

I happened to mentioned this situation to my Mom's tax accountant and he told me that it didn't surprise him. Needless to say, I will NEVER use Turbo Tax again and I will now have my taxes done by a professional accountant.

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