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Review by aj1 on 2008-03-21
PALMER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Day #1: We took our car to Jackson's in Palmer MA for service because the brake light blinked a few times when we applied the brakes. They called and said that the rear brakes needed caliper, rotors and pads and the brake lines were rotted and needed replacement they also said we needed 4 new tires and we elected to do tired at a tire place but we agreed to the brake repair.

Day #2: picked up car and after paying over $900.00 for the brake service noticed that brakes did not feel right but thought maybe they changed seat position or that they needed to break in before functioning to full capacity.

Day #3: drove car to tire store and they concluded that 1 tire needed replacement because it had a bubble on the side because I had hit a pothole. and the others had plenty of tread and would pass Massachusetts State Inspection.They are a licensed inspection station! However by the time I arrived at the tire store the brakes pedal was continuing to get lower. By the time I got to work I barely had any brake pedal so I made arrangements to bring car back to Jacksons which I did

Day #4: Jacksons called and said they had trouble starting car and It needs a tune-up -- again I elected not to have them do that service. Then they informed me that by coincidence t a brake line other than the ones they replaced was bad and it would be $94.00 more to replace it. I reluctantly agreed and when I picked up the car that evening it was running poorly and the service engine light was now on!. I complained asked if this was another coincidence they said yes. When I got home I noticed that the engine shield had been removed as the bolt was loose so I removed it and pulled plug wires out and wiped off an oily substance that was on the ends of the wires and put them back. the car runs much better now but the service engine light still appears

Day #5: Checked parts list with two others one a new car dealer and the other a similar repair service and prices were 75% lower than Jacksons in both cases. Also checked with another Tire Company to confirm that tires were OK
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-21:
I'm not chiding you, just making a suggestion to similarly situated readers: The time to compare prices is before the work is done. The time to look for a shop is before the car breaks down. I always ask for a diagnosis and estimate before authorizing the work. If parts or labor seem high, I get quotes for the same diagnoses/labor/parts from another shop. The oily matter on your wires is concerning...it is 'possible' it was accidental contamination. But it sure looks like intentional tampering. Check with your A/G Consumer Protection Division for previous complaints. Good luck.
Posted by PleasedAsPunch on 2008-03-21:
...also, check around with people from your community. They will be the ones that "know" which shop is reputable, mostly through experience. Ask around. Word of mouth travels fast and is typically the best seller. I am the most distrusting of garages, because, if you don't know they are "putting one over on you" then, yes, you are at their mercy.

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