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Review by CrazyCindy on 2008-03-22
On March 14,2008 I purchased laminate flooring from Home Depot in Washington, PA 15301. Before it was even totally laid, I was almost in tears. It looks like somebody in a cheep trailer. I just spent almost $9,000.00 in my kitchen, and to have it ruined by this cheep flooring is too much for me. I went to Home Depo with my concerns, and I thought they would stand behind any product they sold...not. They told me it hadn't been installed correctly so it was out of their hands. I volunteered to tear it up and return it to the store, and they refused my offer. I even asked if they could give me a credit, and I would buy other flooring and have them put int down.

Of course it would be a much better product than the ALLURE. They wouldn't do that either. They told me to get in touch with your company and see if you could do anything. Well it's back on you now.Please answer me ASAP and let me know what you have decided.
Cindy Adams
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Posted by David on 2008-03-22:
What is your complaint? You seem like a smart person so it amazes me you would send a letter not giving a problem. A manufacturer makes a product. What in the manufacturing process was inferior? You need to learn how to express your concern. If I received your letter I have no idea what your problem is.
Posted by D. on 2008-03-22:
What are you unhappy with? The actual product or the way it was installed? Because you stated you were unhappy with it before it was completely laid. So, I'm not sure if it's the flooring or the installation. If it's with the installation, I'd get in touch with the company that installed it, or would have voiced my complaint before they finished laying it down.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-22:
Of the $9000 spent on remodeling the kitchen...how much of it was spent on this flooring? Kitchens and bathrooms gobble remodeling bucks faster than a crooked slot machine. If the floor was $1000 or if it was $7000 is important in making a decision on how to proceed. It's easier to overlook flaws in a $1000 floor. But, as DB says, if the floor was not defective...I'd be spending some quality time with the installer who ruined it. Given the bare facts in your complaint...I side with Home Depot until the installer is proven to be incompetent. Good luck. I know its hard to enjoy a bad remodel...been there!
Posted by David on 2013-03-19:
I actually remodeled my kitchen, in my 130 yr. old house and the kitchen was last done in 1950's. I redid the kitchen new cabinets walls, back splash and i installed the allure light oak and love it. But i noticed after 2 yrs. there was a wear by the table and stove the oak came off and it's white and looks like a hole and i made sure floor was clean before laying the allure planks. I took pics of the floor and emailed Halstead international the manufacture of allure flooring. I received email back just yesterday and today a representative called me and said she would give me a store credit to home depot for the full price of 5 boxes of allure and she said i could either use it for allure or another flooring. So they are very nice and yes i agree with a couple others you have to explain the problem if possible take pictures. You can't complain about the look of it. They have display in home depot so you knew what you were getting. And it doesn't look cheap unless the installer really botched it. I did mine myself and it looks great except for the one spot that is wearing after only 2 yrs. But their customer service is great.
Posted by installer#1 on 2013-03-27:
I LOVE the way people try to turn the pages on the installers, like its thier very first time installing flooring. WHEN 99% of home owners and Contractors know IT'S THE GARBAGE FLOORING. Consumer Reports deleted several complaints on Traffic Master,Surface Source,and Project Source flooring..(all the same) Obvious they are protecting a bogus product to help Home Improvent stores(?????) sell this absolute=JUNK flooring. Ive been in construction for over 35 years and they keep changing the name of this home destroying flooring to fool the consumer..THATS WHY they sell it for pennies per sq ft. People think they are getting a good deal until they have to rip it up.. NOT ONE Contractor i know will recommend this flooring as an excellent product.. Consumer Reports is not honest in thier reviews. I feel for the people that get to deal with this flooring first hand. Some people loose thousands of dollars over this type of flooring..BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT

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