Ms. Connie's Alterations and Sewing Informative - Extremely Rude Owner and Seamstress

Review by onetimeonlybride on 2008-03-25
GOODLETTSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Very unaccommodating:

I wanted to have my Wedding dress modified for wedding adding a modest addition to the top. She agreed to do it, but was not pleasant to work with, but I was patient with her and was especially nice to her. She called me on my appointment day to say her husband was sick and I said no problem. She said she would call me in a week. She put me off for a month or more. I called her, talked to her, but she hadn't even started on it. She finally answered her phone and made an appointment, it was NO WHERE completed and my wedding was only weeks away! She made excuses why she couldn't make it the way I wanted, after she casually talked to me that it was her job to make it the way the customer wanted! I called to talk to her after my 3rd appointment and calmly and patiently told her of how I dreamed it should be as every bride does. She told me she won't give her talent away for free! WHO SAID I WOULDN'T PAY HER MORE TO GET MY DRESS THE WAY I WANTED IT??!! She essentially told me she had a life to live and places to go and that I shouldn't expect to get what I wanted because she had been doing seamstress work for 30 years and she never saw a bride with a cathedral length veil for Y-E-A-R-S!! Nor a bride that wanted to be modest in dress! She basically said she had to go and hung up and I STILL wasn't relieved of my stress.

She told me my next appt was for Wednesday the 25th so on the 25th I realized it was actually Tuesday. I called her, but she didn't return my call. I went in after my fiance got off work and she announces loudly and horridly while she has 3 customers standing there, YOU'RE LATE! I was astonished at her and so were her clients! I waited patiently until they were done, then she said she didn't have time to deal with me as I explained about my car, my page to her earlier, and that my car was in repair, she was cold as ice, I told her I won't take any of her time, just want to take my dress and not try it on. She said it is $125. I said . I'd like to see it. She let me see it, she fixed the bubble in the front she sewed into it and I graciously replied, thank you! I then saw that the right side had beads put on, but not the left side and none of the scalloped lace around the neckline symmetrical on the beading and sequin placement. She said she ran out. Well I went to get my fiances opinion of the dress and when we both went to look at it, she said loudly YOU CAN TAKE THE DRESS AND LEEEEAVE!!!

Wow... I never had anyone be SO rude before. Then she exclaimed. I put 40 hours into that dress and never put that many hours into a dress from scratch. Well, I can tell you she put MAYBE 5-6 hours maybe! More like 2-3 hours. Anyway, I gladly paid her the check for her time, and said blessings to you, God bless you and left with my dress. As I was leaving she exclaimed, I'm tearing up the check, then opened the door and yelled I tore up the check, I tore up the check! What a loser. That's her problem. I KNOW when I am being mistreated, I only wish I would have picked my dress up as soon as she was getting CROTCHETY towards me! I am a Christian, I love people, am VERY patient, and always look to the bright side of people. My mom couldn't even believe it! She has never been treated like that in all her life! Beware of this Alterations woman! She hates her job! She kept talking about leaving the business. My suggestion to Ms Connie, is yes, please do us all a favor and get a life somewhere else! Do you have a talent yes, Do you do it well? When you feel like it! DO YOU DO IT WITH LOVE? THE ANSWER IS NO, not by a long shot, my dear!

Then save us all the trouble and leave! As I said, never been treated so rudely, a girl, wanting a to have my dress in time for the wedding, is that too much to ask?? Just because I wanted a modest dress, cold as ice, rude as anything. Please be aware of the crotchety woman on Cude Lane near Rivergate mall, Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

PS My mom said 'What a b-tch....yeah, totally, messed up people in this world this crotchety old woman is...
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-03-26
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
Sew what?
Posted by B. on 2008-03-26:
Good for you for keeping your cool and not sinking to her level. For an old lady she sounds pretty childish.
Posted by thensider on 2008-03-26:
I do hope that you are able to get your dress the way you want it in time for your wedding. Good job keeping your cool and remaining respectful!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
Very helpful. I am definitely not bringing my wedding dresses there! Best wishes for your new life, I am sure you will be a lovely bride, in spite of Connie.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-03-26:
i at one time was a professional seamstress as well. i am sure there is more to this story than as told. i have dealt with dificult customers, and very easy to please ones. this person sounds like a dificult customer to me.

30-40 hours of work on a wedding dress would be about right if you are having sewn on beading.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-03-26:
I, too, was a professional seamstress at one time. Most people don't understand how much time it takes to alter a wedding dress and I was always very clear from the beginning how long it would take, when it would be done and how much it would cost. And the "modest addition" may not have been as simple as the reviewer makes it sound. However, considering the seamstresses attitude and the fact she kept rescheduling appointments for over a month - - I would have immediately gone elsewhere.

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