Citizentax.com Complaint - How E-filing turned into a nightmare

Review by Circe on 2008-04-01
ON LINE -- So, this company offers free tax e-file if you make under a certain amount. They then offer you to do your state for a fee of $12.88. I figured I might as well do them all together and paid. Well, my state application was listed as "duplicate" and I was instructed to call the IRS. Wrong number. The very nice IRS agent gave me the CA number to call and get cleared up. That agent told me that the site entered the information TWICE so the forms would not be accepted because they were duplicate. He said I had to fill out a whole new form and send it by mail. I did such, and found out that citizentax.com had not given me all the correct deductions that was on the simple ez form. I complained that their company error made me have to do my taxes myself and there system hadn't even processed my information correctly. There is no number to a real person to call, just a very hidden and hard to find area to write in. After several interactions, they not only won't refund me, but wrote "... we haven't been clear. The fact that you filed another return with a tax preparer is irrelevant. Your CA return has accepted through our e-file...".

This company did not listen to a WORD I wrote, so on four attempts I give up.

They file your taxes WRONG and offer NO help to fix them, just an IRS number. Their "customer service" department is for several websites that you have to sign up to even use and they are NO HELP!!!

I'm out 13 bucks and had a whole day lost on the phone to clear up the mess they made.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-04-01:
there are many good free web tax services. it sounds like you found a site that does not care to much. the good thing is you were able to clear it up, and save the extra fees for filing late.

i myself, prefer to use taxact.com
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-01:
A bigger issue is that the tax code has become so complex that we can no longer complete this vile task on our own. Worse, the Infernal Revenue "Service" has less of a clue than the taxpayers.
Posted by CitizenTax CEO on 2008-04-02:
We regret Circe’s bad experience; however, she needs to read the instructions and follow directions. We charge a fee for all state returns. It is not hidden, but is posted on the homepage for all to see. Circe’s issue is a duplicate for a state return. It is not very common, but occurred as she submitted her return multiple times resulting in a ‘duplicate’. Once a return is received by the IRS or State, the SSN is logged and a message is returned; however, if they receive multiple transmissions from the same taxpayer it is returned as a duplicate. This is her error – not the software and not CitizenTax.

Circe needs to take responsibility for her actions and not be a victim. We provide a superior product and responsive customer support and have e-filed hundreds of thousands of returns. We understand tax season is stressful, but her anger is misplaced.

A little advice Circe – next time, read the instructions.

JG Rollins, CEO
Posted by consumed on 2008-04-09:
I had a NIGHTMARE with citizentax too! I understood that I would pay for my state return, but they completely screwed it up. I DID NOT submit the return, but they submitted it BEFORE I WAS READY and before I had included all my information. Now they won't even provide me with a copy of the return so I can fix the mess.

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