Walmart Of Talladega, Alabama Complaint - Outdated Products - Meat

Review by wiseshopper on 2008-04-03
TALLADEGA, ALABAMA -- I found outdated deli sliced meats tonight in your meat counter, and reported it to 2 associates of which neither seemed the least bit interested. I am talking about dates of February 17 - March 24, 2008 and today is April 03, 2008!

I do not buy other meats from WM and now I guess I will not buy sandwich meats either! The brands were Hillshire Farms and Oscar Mayer...so this does not make a very good statement for your store...no wonder I see so many people from our city in other cities shopping for groceries and such and spending their tax dollars that our small rural city needs desperately.

Should this not be a wake up call for someone? SHOPPERS, check those dates!!
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Posted by Starlord on 2008-04-03:
Consumers should always check the expiration dates on products. This is not a problem unique to Wal*Mart. We have found outdated products in many stores, There is a store in Coolidge, AZ that is part of a chain of independent grocers that has a reputation for selling seriously outdated food products.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-04:
You should always check the expiration dates on perishable food at any store. Finding expired products, while disgusting is common. Sometimes they just get overlooked. But since we are talking about Wal*Mart, I would say they do it because they don't care about customer safety, just the bottom line. Not only would I not buy anything perishable ever again, but if you see more expired food on the shelves, I would snap pictures and send them to the health department.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-04:
This complaint sounds very fishy. Wal*mart is probably the worlds best at keeping overage stock off the shelf since it's no skin off their nose to do so. They don't take the loss their vendor's do. Report this to wal*mart corporate.
Posted by D. on 2008-04-04:
I kind of agree with Stew...but I would think that if a company kept getting their products returned because it was outdated, then that company would stop selling their products at that store because they are obviously not selling their products...and a vendor would pull out from that store and sell to a store that actually sell their products. My agreement with Stew is NOT that the review sounds fishy....
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-04:
wiseshopper, great infomantion thanks for the review and keep it up, we need more people like you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-04:
Wiseshopper, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Just another reason to support our local owned stores and stay away from WallyMart. (VH)
Posted by Talladega Gurl on 2012-04-24:
The Talladega WalMart is HORRIBLE, and the author is right..it is so bad many people go to the Walmart of neighboring towns instead of this one. I am not a walmart hater, just the Talladega WalMart needs to be shut down.

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