KFC - Lincoln, NE Complaint - Non Payment Of Returned Company Items

Review by Bookmark on 2008-04-04
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- I worked at the KFC in Lincoln, NE at the Van Dorn Plaza. I was recently fired because I called two hours in advance to dismiss myself from a three hour shift. I was not told in person by the manager, my husband worked there too, and he was told to tell me that I was fired. I had ordered a pair of shoes through their Shoes for Crews catalog. When they came in, the assistant manager let another employee wear my shoes, and then couldn't understand why I refused to accept the shoes. I told them to return them and refund my money. I returned two pairs of KFC shirts and pants, and two hats, which I was supposed to get a $20.00 fee back that I had originally paid for these.

I have not worked for KFC for almost two months. I still have not been paid the $49.95 for the returned shoes, $20.00 for the returned uniforms.

They had a shift manager call in one half hour before she was due to work an eight hour shift, and she still has her job. They have two cooks that were caught consuming alcohol on the premises during business hours, one got taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, and they still have their jobs. I've witnessed people trading food for drugs right there at the front counter. The owners, are complete idiots, no one is allowed to get a raise, not even cost of living raises. The managers, only keep the slackers around, but the people that work the hardest, get fired.

I want this to be sent to the corporate office because I want my money!, and if they get shut down in the process, serves then right.
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Posted by B. on 2008-04-04:
Sounds more like a personl grudge against you rather than you not doing you job correctly. File a complaint with the corporate human resource dept.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-04:
Make some lemonaide with the lemons from this job. Be thankful you were 'fired'. I would consider the loss to be on par with being denied membership in the Nazi Party. I would file a Small Claims complaint. I might also speak to the local police about this being a case of 'theft by conversion'...they took your (shoes) merchandise and put it to someone else's use without compensation to you. Try to avoid bringing up the various deficiencies you observed at this job. It may not be so, but it sounds like 'sour grapes' for being fired. Good luck in the future.
Posted by Bookmark on 2008-04-06:
Thank you for your comments, I'd like to contact the human resources office, but try looking up KFC and you'll find there isn't a human resources office for them, I find this disturbing since they are such a large corporation. I do have sour grapes, but I don't think discrimination is tolerable no matter where it is you work. There's another complaint about another KFC and believe it or not, the way the employees are treated are the same at all of them.

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