Wignall Animal Hospital Informative - Horrible Place To Take Your Pets!

Review by damselfly2 on 2008-04-07
DRACUT, MASSACHUSETTS -- March 2008: I can't say it enough. I had an absolutely horrific experience there. These vets and the administrator could care less about the health and well-being of your pets. They charged me a fortune for services unrendered and then sent me packing with my fevered cat and 22 syringes of antibiotics!

Go anywhere else. Anywhere is better. Seriously. This animal hospital is a total farce! Shame on them!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-07:
I know you are upset. But, could you provide more details? As is, the complaint is quite vague.
Posted by damselfly2 on 2008-04-08:
Sure. I took my cat to Lowell Vet because she had a cold. I have a multi-cat household and this is an unfortunate common stance. She had a bit of a fever so they sent me home with an antibiotic that unfortunately, made her violently ill all day. She would not eat or drink. I took her back to Lowell Vet and they said she should be hospitalized and they sent me to Wignall Animal Hospital, the parent hospital of Lowell Vet. I received a quote for a 2-day stay with cath and meds and isolation so she wouldn't get any other 'patients' sick. The quote also included bloodwork and X-Rays. She stayed overnight. The next day they said she was brighter and even ate a little bit in the morning and I thought she was on the mend. They said she could come home that afternoon if I didn't have a problem giving her Sub Q shots. I said I’d be willing to learn if necessary and they said no problem.
I went in to pick up my cat and learn the injection ropes. The Vet Tech brought in the 'demonstration' animal they used, which happened to be her dog, Bruno. The vet tech walked me through it and then injected cold saline into the dog and the dog flipped out. He was yelping and crying and flailing and she had to drag him out of the room back to his cage – where he continued to yelp. She said she didn't know what was wrong. I told her if that was the 'demo dog' there was no way this was going to work on my cat. No alternative solution was recommended. I asked for oral meds instead and was brushed off, told something about them really being more preventive anyway and promptly presented a bill for $700. This was the same cost as the initial hospitalization quote for 2 days, not 1. Nothing was altered from the original quote other than the type of antibiotic because I made them take her off the one that made her sick (a downgrade from Keflex to Ampicillin, the cheapest antibiotic on the planet). I was displeased with the cost - but they told me my cat was on the mend – even though she still had had a fever at 2PM and I had no reason not to believe them because who would discharge a gravely ill pet? I took her home glad that all was (supposedly) looking up.
The following day I had to rush her to emergency and Wignall, who knew I was displeased with their ‘service’ and the ‘demo dog fiasco’, would not release the X-Rays for me to bring to Tufts Emergency Vet. Admittedly, I was irate and emotional. I spoke to the vet on duty, Dr. Kopec (truly a borderline sociopath) telling her I needed those records and she actually hung up on me! I had to call the Dracut Police Department to send Animal Control on-site to get the records released and sent to Tufts so that I could get my cat the care she was denied during the first $1000. I spent for medical services. It was undoubtedly the most absurd event of my life.
So between the billing discrepancies and the serious lack of treatment/service to me and my cat, I can’t say enough about my severe dissatisfaction. Wignall Animal Hospital and its affiliates aren't fit to clip a dog's toenails let alone administer veterinary care. I would not have minded the expense had proper service and a rational treatment plan been extended for the sum. I would like to end on a happy note and say thanks to a $30. Pack of oral antibiotics and a great deal of TLC, my cat is well on the path to recovery. I thank Northborough VCA for that.

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