Bliss Boutique Informative - Total ripoff, cheap clothes and marked up clothes

Review by jennydub on 2008-04-07
SEATTLE/FREMONT, WASHINGTON -- When you are shopping at a boutique, you expect quality clothes and quality service right, then I highly advise not to shop at this store (or their other store dream) Their clothes are pieces or crap which fall apart after a few times of wearing them. Most of their clothes already have holes, stains, or the threading is on the verge of coming apart. They buy most of their items from low priced low quality vendors. And to make matters worse, they mark up their stuff at a minimum of 300%. They don't "care" about their customers the way boutiques should, all they want is your money. The exchange policy there is very directed towards getting your money and keeping it! You could seriously find clothes at Kmart that are made better then the stuff they sell. Oh, and their "Bliss Labeled" clothing is the worst of all. Made of cheap fabric and most likely attained from child labor facilities.

On another subject, they train their employees AKA "Fashion consultants" as they like to call them, to pressure sell to their customers. Who most of them barely have their GED's yet alone any kind of fashion consultation training. They advise to "lie" about the clothing to customers and pretend it's the best thing around. Which is a bold faced horrible lie. I would know because I took a job there for about 2 weeks and I saw the kind of foolery that goes on there. The two owners are gay and think they can get away with calling their employees fat/anorexic, repeatedly calling them retarded/dumb, commenting on an employees boob size, at any other job that would be considered harassment and would start a major lawsuit.

If you want to feel like you have spent your money well and on something you will wear for many years to come, DO NOT and I said do not go to Bliss Boutique in Fremont (or their other store across the streat Dream) All you will end up with is a feeling of being used, pressured into buying something you don't even really want, and end up with something that will fall apart within the week.
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Posted by heaven17 on 2008-04-07:
Fired, huh?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-08:
You do sound like a disgruntled employee. Your post would have been more effective if you stuck with commenting on the quality of the clothing. Once you started throwing in personal comments about the employees - you lost me.

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