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Review by Distressed Dishwasher Owner on 2008-04-08
On 3-18-2008 we bought a dishwasher supposed to be the quietest on the market from Home Depot. It was installed on 3-25-2008. By 3-28-2008 it did not work. We opened the dishwasher at 7am on 3-29-2008 with a message OE on the front and beeping noises to discover it had gray water in it which would not drain. We called Home Depot-have to call LGE. We called them, and they acted like we had installed the thing. They had us pull on the drainage hose. We did and it drained. But it would not turn on, so we finally got a repair order. The guy came on 4-1-08. He got it to work-it was not level. By 4-4-08 it quit. Grey water and the soap was still in the dispenser. Called him back. He said pull on the hose. ok, then turn it back on to rinse and guess what? It drained. Tried to use it the next load it stopped and binged again OE...called repair guy 4-7-08(Monday as I am leaving the house). He calls LGE and tells them it is defective. I call them today and spoke to many women reps who told me he had not called them. Called him back, he stated he called and would call again. ok. Call Home Depot. Get nowhere.

Call Home Depot's on line service, helpful guy tells me to call and speak to the manager at Home Depot. I call and speak to Lauri who promises to find out something. I do not hear back from her. I send an email to LGE. They send me back an email saying it is more than 48hrs. and they have to repair it. I am done. I sent a BBB complaint. I called LGE and after much hold time I speak to Beverly, who tells me that they have to have a repair person come-they will send out the order and in 3 days will let me know when they are coming. I said, just take it out and give me a new one or refund my money. 'We can't do that'.

I feel like they are into delay tactics to just make you crazy. I am now going to wait again for a repair man and then if it does not work I am going to have it taken out and dropped into the local Home Depot store front walk. I cannot believe this company!!! I am tired of using paper plates and plastic cups and of mopping the floor in front of the dishwasher. Quiet--I'll give them quiet...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-08:
The water drain pump is no good. There are many complaints online about LG dishwashers with the OE error.
Posted by TNT8385 on 2008-04-08:
I would say to continue washing your own dishes and silverware in the sink and you wouldn't have to use paper plates. Also, don't make too much of a mess either and you won't have to mop. :)
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-04-08:
Dropping it on the front walk of your HD store will do no good. They will either have it taken away in the garbage and/or have you charged with littering. If you do this then how are you going to prove anything. You need to wash your dishes in the sink and work with them on this. I know you are frustrated but try and stick this out, they may be slow but they will get it straightened out.
Posted by Distressed Dishwasher Owner on 2008-04-09:
Don't worry folks! I pulled it out of the cabinetry and returned it to Home Depot and bought a Maytag. When I pulled it out water spilled all over my flooring and behind the cabinet. It leaked as I hauled it out the front door. But the Home Depot people were very nice, and just refunded my money and then I bought a different brand. BTW-the hose was smashed and they had taken the plug off the electric connection when then installed it as well as they never cut the hose to length.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2008-04-10:
OE is a drain error that is usually caused by a kink in the drain hose. This was an installation problem all along. Home Depot generally uses contractors to do installations and some are better than others.

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