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Review by Quintonnc99 on 2003-10-18
NORTH CAROLINA -- I am writing this review to respond to everyone that has ever had a complaint about any wireless service provider on the face of this earth. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. To take time out of your busy days to write these epic stories about how horrible your service was. Many of you complain about having to wait on hold for 20 mins just to speak to a customer service representative, but you have no complaints, when it takes you 20 mins. to write a complaint about that same representative, and what exactly is that complaint doing........absolutely nothing, but sitting here on this site, and your issue still goes unresolved. I guess that is the state America has fallen into a bunch of whiners.

Believe it or not Cell phones have not been around for ever, and many people do survive without them, so to holler, groan, and moan about something that is not a necessity is absurd. I bet not one of the many people complaining about their wireless phone service have taken the time out to look at themselves to see how they could have handled their situation differently. (i.e. reading the contract that is presented to you upon beginning your service)

Now I'm not going to place all of the blame on you, true many of the wireless phone carriers have their issues. but for the freedom they give you, can they get some type of appreciation. What other service let's you call all the way across the county to Grandma's house without any other charge, (other than using your minutes, MCI? 10-10-220? I think not) What other service allows your wife to call you before you get home from work to let you know we have no eggs, so you can make one trip home, instead of a return trip to the store. What other service will allow your school to find you no matter where you are at in the event that your Children have an emergency?

But enough about the service itself, what about the representative answering your call, I bet no one that has ever posted any review on this site has taken the time out to say. "before you take my call, I would just like to say thank you for being here to listen to my bullsh**", or "I really appreciate your assistance, I know it is not your policy, but instead the companies". (Do unto others....or give respect to get respect type philosophy you know)

And now to the equipment, many carriers do not manufacture the phones they sell (w/ the exception of Sprint) so where do you come off getting irate at them about the equipment. If you purchase a Nokia ph. and it "dies" on you, but your friend has a Nokia phone that has lasted him 10 yrs. Why get may at your provider (Verizon, Cingular, and At&t) for selling you a "lemon"? Do you honestly think they new it was a lemon before the representative sold it to you?

Coverage......many of you have coverage issues, all I must say is that if your phone worked everywhere you travel, it would no longer be wireless, it would more than likely have a cord attatched to it, and be plugged into an outlet somewhere. So to expect a wireless phone to work in Hoodwinkle, Texas while in a mine is absolutely crazy, on the top of Mount Rushmore sitting under a tree, is even that much more crazy, in the basement of the Sears tower, or deep see fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, these are phones we are talking about, not BMW navigation systems (which use satillites).

The entire purpose of this post, is to get you to think............before you speak the next time you call your wireless service provider, or begin a post on this site. Just think.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-10:
i THINK your massive paragraph above is crap. i will complain whenever and about whatever i want.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-14:
Dick Head
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-07:
Everyone that has been burned by Verizon Wireless hidden charges for second phone or numbers have that right. Verizon Wireless was very cleaver in the way they had their attorneys write the contract. However, the extra charges are not part of the contract. This is plainly stated on page three of the Customer Overview.
Only a employee that hasn't gotten burned by Verizon Wireless would write a litter like the one that states everyone complainting should be ashamed of theirselves. The only ones who should feel that way is the Verizon Wireless customer service representatives that mislead and give out misleading information to prospective customers. David Y.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-09:
Yet more complainers.....exactly the point of the post. Preciate your verifying of my point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-14:
Ratings and complaints are there for a reason. It's all about comparison between companies. We are not here to see how good a company has done to us or how sweet their reps are. It's the act of comparing afterall, not forgiving, not humanity; while on the other hand, not hate statements either.

At least I'm as a consumer, want to see which company is better at its field. I can certainly assure you that during company provider selection I, along with other consumers, are not going to say "this company allows many wives of their customers to call for eggs while that company allows more emergency calls". However, I will certainly complain when treated badly by a rep.

It is their duty to treat customers nicely, while our duty is to pay them to treat us nicely. Appreciation has a completely different notion than complaints. They are not opposites. To make my point clear, since you are asking us to make appreciation notes about their responsibilities, are you also asking them to make appreciation notes about our prompt on-time payments?

If one company lacks in fulfilling their responsibilities, we might as well expect not to enroll in such company. Just like a company reporting a customer's irresponsible payments to the credit bureau so other companies will be more careful about this customer, we are reporting a company's irresponsible actions among ourselves so other consumers may be watchful about this company. This, however, is not limited to irresponsible actions but also applies to areas such as lacking coverage area.

To sum up, I just want to get you to think before you speak about our comments and complaints on wireless service provider, or begin a post on this site. Just think.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-22:
I made my complaints at two office of Cingular and also called customer service, the only thing they are good at is saying "I'm Sorry", not only once but everytime you open your mouth they say "I'm Sorry". The only thing I can say about that "They are sorry company"!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-25:
I will make a complaint when somebody start messing around my money.
Posted by amymikelonis on 2004-02-25:
One of the calls I did make to Cingular, I began by telling the representative that I knew she was not to blame and that I was very frustrated with the company as a whole. She just sighed and said well what do you want? I don't think from her tone she cared either way.

By the way, when you want to sound intelligent, it is best to spell check your work to be taken seriously.
Posted by rarebear143 on 2004-05-15:
If these companies were not making millions let me restate that MILLIONS in over charges then you might have a point but these morons at AT&T couldn't put a bill together correctly if they're life depended on it. In a way AT&T's life does depend on it and if they are gonna steal from me I'll be happy to complain them right out of busines. Don't like it then get the H&() off these boards. DUSTIN B.

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