On The Border Complaint - A test of patience - Mexican Restaurant

Review by patjeanlw on 2008-04-18
MIRA LOMA, CALIFORNIA -- April 15, 2008
On The Border,
One of my favorite restaurants, and my partner and I make it a point to be a regular and invite friends on Taco Tuesday. {WAS a nice location for us.} We have been regular patrons from the day the new On the Border opened in East Gate on Limonite West of Mira Loma, CA
For almost two months, it seems that every time we have ordered taco’s, the order comes back wrong, to the point of wondering if someone is doing this on purpose. However it usually is a different server, we watch as the servers right down the order, and it appears they have the order correct, but when the food comes back, it’s incorrect, tonight, all four orders at our table was totally mixed up.
Maybe the computer system is messed up; maybe the cooks do not understand what they are reading. I feel anything is possible. I know it wasn’t that busy the last few times my partner and I went through a mix up on what we ordered one week ago and two weeks ago, however, this time we were embarrasssed for asking guests to join us. We waited for over 40 minutes for tacos that use to take 10 minutes that is when your restaurant was not busy.
WE have watched several servers come and go, a few good ones actually. I am surprised of lack of management for a well known chain such as On the Border. Tables not cleaned off when they should be and tonight, the first time a server responded in an arrogant and rude manner when my partner asked if he could get the tables cleared off. . He was nice to me, but it was obvious he did not want to be there, and maybe he was having a bad day, who knows! I heard him remark to my partner, He stated,” it was not his job to clear the tables,”, OK,, well, I thought, find the one who can, we were all patient,, easy going and in our 50’s and 60’s. Obviously this server did not want to be waiting on anyone,,it showed. The busser that came and cleared the tables, I noticed has been working at On the Border at that location, longer than most and he did clear things off, he is very good, detailed and polite. Then my partner, and another gentleman guest at our table (which was in the bar area) wanted to talk to the manager. I had just talked to a manager previously about the orders and he had left, however he told me he was just filling in and didn’t know how this On the Border in that location worked. , He was from the Orange County Store., Anyway, the manager who came on and I believe is one of the regular managers talked or listened to my partner and one of our guests (we had four guests) they wanted to ask the manager about the service, wrong order which has happened four weeks in a row. So now my partner is done with On the Border on Limonite. We enjoyed it more when it was professionally ran, where the service use to be great and the tables were full of satisfied customers. I notice that the numbers are down,, and this is not due to our economy,, this is from the lack of service, poor organization and orders always wrong. Unfortunately, the server who waited on us, took it personal about complaining about the order, I know he wrote it down correctly, however his statement did not sit well with my partner. I handed him the check and he gave me back, part of a tip that I was leaving him and made it a point that he didn’t want it, This action was insulting to me, he stated, he did not want my tip and as my two other guests arrived, he stated your server can help you, As he pointed to a little brunette gal who did not have any idea what just went on. His attitude reflected what I had missed earlier when he responded so arrogantly about cleaning off the table to my partner. Please, Understand, most of us who were sitting at the table have been waitresses, servers, owners and managers of restaurants in the past and two of us work for a few marketing agencies, one individual is a CO for one of the largest companies in CA,, another gentleman is known very well and highly regarded by thousands throughout the state, a judge and president of many organizations. I suppose if I was to grade On the Border on Limonite close to highway 15, in California. I would have to give a grade F for FAIL. I want to extend my apologies to Lisa, Danyell, Lori and Gayland, Ron and his group of friends who also were at two tables away very disapointed as well. 11 people in one night who did not get a postive experience from On the Border and doubt if they will return either. It was very disapointing. I understand El Torito has a Tuesday Night Special, You can join us there from now on!

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