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Review by advisor1008 on 2008-04-21
DELMARVA, MARYLAND -- In the beginning while dealing with Coastal Exteriors Contractors, they seemed straightforward and willing to help in any way possible, BEFORE they started my roof job and they offered a 10-year workmanship guarantee as part their contract.
As homeowner, I requested references from other local homeowners, for other jobs that they completed nearby. But, they supplied me with business names, addresses & phone numbers instead.
As far as keeping me updated about my project, the foreman had to make several trips away from the jobsite to pick-up extra material needed to finish the job, leaving behind workers who DID NOT SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND ENGLISH VERY WELL!
Coastal Exteriors Contractors are the professional roofing experts and they agreed to install (3) new exhaust vents per our deal without any stipulation or waivers regarding the entire roof replacement project. This included the roof vents that I purchased and which their crew had to DO OVER about 2 or 3 times explained herein.
These vents were installed during the absence of the foreman. When the foreman returned back to the jobsite, the vents had to be taken up to remove a lot of debris that had fallen on top of the fan grate(s) area which blocked the operation of the exhaust fans. Yet again, the foreman told me that the crew could not speak or understand English and HE had to redirect them to REMOVE and REPLACE each vent -- if there were an open seam situation, I suspect, it took place during their removal & replacement process. They could have and should have inspected them while they were at ground level as; this particular installation was not against their professional judgment. Additionally, I communicated via emails that I wanted to have the old existing SQUARE low profile roof vents painted to blend in with the new shingles.
Before I knew it, the crew had painted the new vents too --without properly preparing the surface of the galvanized metal to accept the spray paint! Less than (3)-months the paint is coming off already!!!
Once more, when the foreman is ABSENT things can and will go wrong quickly! As time past, I find that I am not pleased with the workmanship. I have had the unfortunate occurrence of leaks into my home soon after my new roof job!!!
My roof was being replaced for wind damage! I should not have to pay THOUSANDS of $$$$ to have rain damaging the ceilings of my home-- This is not what I bargained for nor did I expect all these events to have taken place!!!
DO NOT ACCEPT ANY HEARSAY exchanges and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING as it maybe needed it in the future should legal action has to be started for the inside repairs situation.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-21:
The foreman should have sent another employee to pick up the items while he stayed and supervised the installation. If he really needed to do it himself, after informing me, I would have made them halt all work until he returned. The foreman is supposed to be there watching the workers to ensure they did a proper job. How was he supposed to know if they were doing it right if he wasn't there to see it for himself.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-04-21:
Isn't there some type of warranty on the roof? If not, that should have been a red flag. I also agree that the foreman should have been present on the job and should have sent another worker to pick up additional materials.
Posted by advisor1008 on 2008-04-21:
I was told the leaks are coming through the NEW VENTS that I purchased for the job with their approval. This company does offer a 10-yr service contract on the 3-D shingles and it has a 30-yr product warranty. However, they seem to want to pass the buck onto the manufacturer of the defective vent(s) that they failed to inspect before installing. WHO KNEW?!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-04-21:
They approved them and installed them...they should stand behind their work for at least 30-90 days. Keep after them...maybe they will relent...Good Luck!
Posted by Loza on 2008-04-22:
Here's food for thought: Reguardless if the contractor was at the job site or on the moon, he signed a contract with you as the "RESPONSIBLE PARTY" in installing the roof; that includes any and "ALL MATERIALS AND EMPLOYEES" he uses to perform the job. Unless he SPECIFICALLY STATED, IN WRITTING, in the written-contract that he would not guarentee the performance of any product he used to complete the job, other wise...he IS responsible for the entire outcome of the job, INCLUDING THE ROOF VENTS that you purchased.

As a homeowner, I have encountered faulty workmanship from a contractor, and since discovered that the homeowner is "RESPONSIBLE" (in a state of law) to take immediate steps in correcting the problem before the problem becomes worse... Then go after the contractor who did the faulty workmanship in a court of law, or small claims court, or your state's contractor's board, or even hire an attorney who specializes in contractor services.

I would higly recommend that you hire a well known, long established roofing company to come to your home, give you a "WRITTEN" analezes stating exactly what is the problem on your roof, the cost to fix it, and then have them repair the problem before this problem creates more damages. Afterward you could use this written analyzes as proof to use in a court of law if you should pursue legal means against this contractor who wronged you. Ideally, you would want at least 3 written analyzes and bids from 3 different contractors stating the same problem.

Knowledge is power. So if you really want to go after this contractor and win your case, then know as much about the proper ways to install a roof as the contractor knows by going to web sites on proper roof installations. Here are just a few web sites if you are interested in doing so:



Good luck to you.

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