Skymall Complaint - Skymall Does Not Respond E-mails

Review by skymall on 2008-04-21
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I ordered three items from Skymall, for a total of $552.14. When I received my order confirmation notice, I realized the shipping address was incorrect. Immediately I sent Skymall customer service an e-mail to change the shipping address. They told me I could not change the address because the items had already been shipped (this was not true, only one item had been shipped, the others were being shipped by different retailers from different origins and using different carriers). I tried to contact the carriers, but they told me I could not make the change in address, that only the sender could do that. But since Skymall was not the sender they couldn´t change the address either. In summary, one item arrived to the correct address, one item was returned to the sender (I was refunded for the price of the returned item), and one item (the binoculars, worth $220.00) is still missing. After one month and 14 e-mails, Skymall doesn´t even respond my e-mails any more.

All I can say is that I will never order from Skymall again. If you like something from their catalog buy direct from the retailer.
Comments:9 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-04-22
Posted by DBone on 2008-04-22:
You know...I kind of feel sorry for you, BUT was it skymalls fault that you put in the wrong address? I am guessing that the system is automated, and has very little human intervention. Why is there no personal responsiblity in America anymore? Or has there ever been any?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-22:
Skymall has about a 300% markup anyway. You will always do better to purchase the item elsewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-22:
Unlike DBone, I realize that people are human and make common mistakes. That a person makes a mistake does not make them less responsible. I would ask DBone, "Why has America become so unforgiving of the errors of others?" Skymall should have the ability to track orders and make this right with the customer. It is reprehensible that they do not answer e-mail. Doing so is the 21st Century version of not answering the phone so as not to hear a complaint. Ken, where people want to spend their money is their business. Skymall caters to the impulse-buyer. If the poster is willing to pay 300% more for a product purchased on impulse, I care less. It's not like I'm paying for it. Good post. Good luck resolving this issue.
Posted by MarshPeep on 2008-04-22:
Excellent answer, ghost!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-22:
Thanks MarshPeep. I'm starting to get testy with some of my fellow commentators who's hindsight rivals high-resolution satellite images. Makes me wonder how they found this site? Did they wake up and say, "I'm such an excellent consumer. I read all contracts, investigate every company thoroughly, and always get the best bargains...I think I'll dispense some of my greatness to the bumbling masses." No. Most, like me, had a consumer complaint originating with about 50% of the blame with themselves.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-04-22:
Is Ghost really STEW??
Posted by MRM on 2008-04-22:
No, I dont think so.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-22:
Nope. I'm not Stew. In fact, Stew and I crossed sabres several times last year. It's just than I'm getting tired of the site getting bogged down with unproductive comments which seem to be intended only to make the commentator feel superior. I absolutely LOVE the community boards...it keeps a lot of the mean-spirited stuff off of the review pages. I used to participate in that too. But, the conduct of a few posters (e.g. Principissa and heaven17) motivated me to be more helpful than confrontational. Thanks, guys!
Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-22:
I agree with Ghost on this one. It's nobody's business where someone decides to spend their money. It's their money. The problem is that Skymall is not returning e-mails and they cannot find anyone to help them change the address. Nobody is perfect, people make mistakes. This person ordered a product and expected a service from this company and did not get it.

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