U.S. Auto Exchange Complaint - Went back on their word...cost me big $$$

Review by tqgurski@yahoo.com on 2001-04-02
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- In November of 1999, I bought a used Porsche from US Auto Exchange, a high end used car dealer in Boston. Before I bought the car, I noted the sunroof
mechanism was broken and they told me they would fix it (they put that on the purchase and sales agreement). When I picked up the car, it was not fixed. They also said they would inspect the car, but their equipment was malfunctioning so they told me to wait until they had it fixed and then bring the car back and they would fix the sunroof and inspect it. That took about a month and when I picked up the car, the sunroof was still broken. Over the course of the next 7 months or so, I brought the car back another 4 times for the sunroof, and each time it wasn't fixed (they were replacing the plastic gear that was stripping but were not adjusting the limit switches that prevent the gear from getting stripped). Each time involved driving an hour and a half from from work and back again. The 4th and 5th times I brought the car in, I asked if they would provide me a rental car because of the inconvenience I was suffering. They agreed and referred me to the car rental place they use.
The second time doing this, they failed to fix the car before the weekend came, so I offered to pick the car up for the weekend so they wouldn't have to pay for the rental car all weekend. They told me just to keep the rental and pick my car up the following week. I was told to give them the receipts for the rental and they would reimburse me. I gave them the receipts and they told me the check would be in the mail. After the last time in, still with a broken sunroof and no check, I moved out of the state. The next time I was able to get in to talk to them (they did not return several phone calls I made) was in March of this year. They told me that they would not make any more free attempts to fix the sunroof because the car was purchased so long ago. They also told me that they would not give me the reimbursement for the rental car, but would not give a reason. As I became more and more agitated with their refusal to give a reason for not giving me the money I was promised, they
said that they would have me arrested for trespassing if I showed up at the dealer without an appointment. I was at no point threatening.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2001-09-25
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-04-24:
NO WAY! I don't believe they threatened to have you arrested! They should be shut down and have their business practices reviewed! You should write the Attorney General of that state!
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-09-25:
They screwed me over as well but they gave me $200 worth of free service certificates. I went to use them on Friday only to find out that the place went out of business!!!

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