Brandfon Honda of Branford Connecticut Complaint - Buying A Lemon - Purchase of a Used Car

Review by Stella2007 on 2008-04-22
BRANFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I am extremely disappointed in the service I received at Brandfon Honda. This is my THIRD Honda purchase from them, same saleswomen. I was driving a brand new car that seemed at the time a little to expensive, so I traded it in, and got myself this 2001 Honda Accord EX, It had over 70k miles on it, it was NOT certified. I purchased this car for about 12,900. After having the car for a few months, I realized it was already having mechanical problems, I got an alignment, no good, I brought this car back to Honda and was offered under 7k as a trade. So they wanted to sell me yet another car, and roll over almost 6 thousand dollars on to it, so I would be screwed all over again. No thank you. They refused to help me get out of this mess they put me in after being a loyal customer for so long and having my family and friends do business with them as well. Now, the car has been driving insane for a while, I take it to Honda this morning, and I get back that I need to come up with around 1700.00 to get this hunk of junk fixed. When I tried to trade the car in to them a while back I was told that they cant even pre-certify the vehicle because now it has over 80k miles on it...

Ok, well when I bought it it did not have that mileage where was my pre-certification. I feel ripped off, and disgusted. I would like them to take the heat on this one, not me. How dishonest can you be, and sell a young person trying to better herself, a car that you know damn well is a LEMON. The mechanics are telling me I need an alignment and two new front tires, gee, funny thing is a year ago when I bought the car, they put newer tires on it. So much for the Honda name, and customer satisfaction.

I don't have much else to say, it is horrific that I am going through my wedding planning and I have to cancel my HONEYMOON , to pay for a Honda that is not worth a dime.
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Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-04-22:
The need for an alignment and two tires does not equal a lemon. You state that you purchased the car a year ago and at that time it had used tires, so the work they are saying you need falls under the category of routine maintenance. You purchased a 5 or 6 year old used car with 70K miles on it without making sure it was either "certified" by the dealer or having it evaluated by an independent mechanic. You are not being "screwed" or "ripped off" by this dealership - - and they didn't put you in the "mess" you're in now as you agreed to purchased the vehicle and signed the sales agreement. They are under no obligation to simply take the car back and cancel what you owe.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-04-22:
Posted by D. on 2008-04-22:
LOL Starlord...that would make a good NIC!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-22:
well said Star
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-22:
I also fail to see where this vehicle is a 'lemon'. A 'disappointment'? I would agree 100%. While the need for repairs adds to your pre-wedding stress, I hope you will put it into perspective. Your beau will understand if the honeymoon needs to be postponed (I shudder that you used 'cancelled'.) due to a financial setback. I wish you well!
Posted by Tex2007 on 2008-11-18:
My name is Justin, I would like to hear about your experience. Please call me at 203-640-2008. Thank you.

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