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Review by noldog on 2008-04-23
I see lots of people whining that they were locked out, or not "allowed" to buy the home they are renting. What does this tell you? Lock-out = eviction process, you did not pay your rent! How can the real owner afford to have you there for free?

Not "allowed" to but = you did not qualify, or keep to the agreement. Any one of these owners would be happy to sell right now, and the agent (Gorenter) makes a commission if you do! Why would they stop you from buying?

People, don't believe these false statements- if tenants abide by the lease, they stay, if they don't pay, they go...period.

Gorenter manages my properties, and every now and then they have to evict an irresponsible, late-paying, rule breaking tenant. Well guess what... I don't feel sorry them, and neither should you.

Do you pay your rent/mortgage on time? So should they.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-23:
I agree if you dont pay you shouldn't stay.
Posted by Another frustrated consumer on 2009-09-16:
No GoRenter employee. They/you make more money suing people mainly because you get to keep the property and continue suing good renters.

I'm a senior software engineer having no problem paying rent. My annual income alone is 90k and that's not counting the consulting and freelance work I perform on the side. I move around a lot but recently was a good tenant for Gorenter for over 3 years.

Gorenter has 'never' sold a home on a rent-to-own lease ever and they never will. They don't as much on the commission as they do the law suit and they get to keep the property to again evict another tenant. It's a very good legal scam until the class action suit exposes them. Then they/you can change your business name again and try again.

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