Jim's German Auto Informative - They treat you like an Idiot!!!

Review by Betillo on 2008-04-24
CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- After taking our BMW with a blown engine to Jim's German auto in Corona CA, we were not pleased with the replacement because of a sttrange noise coming from the time chain area especially when the engine was cold. We had already Told Jim to check the engine for this and he agreed that it was a strange noise that he had not heard and could not identify. However, Jim advised that we drive the car for 1000 miles and the noise would more than likely go away. If it didn't, he would replace the engine at no extra cost. Although the car ran well after the 1000 miles, the noise was still there and it seemed more pronounced. I took the car back to Jim for an evaluation and asked if the problem could be a faulty Oil pump and that I was concerned of a failure there. Jim became irate and asked "what does oil do?" to which I answered " it helps keep the engine cool". His retort was "and you call yourself a mechanic?" alluding to my experience as an Aircraft Mechanic. "If an oil pump fails the engine will immediately seize, just like that, no warning, the oil pump cant be failed, the engine is still running, you're not a mechanic! you don't understand anything about engines" he continued. And all this time I thought that oil was there to lubricate moving parts within an engine in order to minimize friction, which in turns creates HEAT, which in turn is the primary cause of failure in any internal combustion engine. I was schooled by Jim in how oil had nothing to do with keeping an engine cool. Hey, he calls himself a mechanic. He refused to look further at the car and as a result the noise is still there un-identified by this German Car expert. Next time, I will go to the real experts and see what they think oil does.
$6000.00 later it was the worst service I've ever had.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-24:
The foremost purpose of engine lubricant is to minimize friction - your cooling system/radiator/coolant is to cool your engine/remove heat.
Posted by MRM on 2008-04-24:
UrFriendlyPirate, right on! Which reminds me, I gotta change my oil and filter in May on my 1988 Jeep Cherokee!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-04-24:
Doesn't friction create heat? It's all semantics anyway and the customer was not in there for a pop quiz. I wouldn't have even guess that part at all based on location, but again, that's the mechanics job to identify it. He said put 1000 miles on it and he'll change the engine if it hadn't ceased. It in fact got worse and the customer seems to be getting smack instead of that new engine. So thumbs down to Jimmy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-24:
Speaking of heat and cars Slim, isn't it true that higher octane fuel takes longer to combust?
A colleague of mine here just can't fathom the thought.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-24:
Don't think so zz, check the octane of racing fuel, then get back to us. FYI, the main and obvious source of engine heat is from combustion.
Posted by DeOhYouGe on 2009-04-24:
Sometimes the primary steering wheel actuator will overheat and foul the main logic circuit. This is true with the diagnostic service actuator as well. Perhaps, you would be better off to argue with your spouse, it's equally effective as arguments challenging a mechanics call (have you been challenged at work lately?)
And your odds of successfully winning the fight with your spouse is much greater. 50% of those married end in divorce, the other 50% end in death. You pick your winning side, divorce or daisies.

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