InternationalWig.com Complaint - Please don't order from them

Review by moi moi on 2008-04-29
Don't order from them. You will have to wait for months and they will just send you packing if you ask what's going on. They are really rude and not helpful at all once you've paid for your items. I didn't even get my refund because it was so annoying dealing with them. They are not especially cheaper than other on-line shops and some products are really ugly.

Below is the correspondence with internationalwig explaining the problem

International Wig wrote:
so sorry we are so horrible to deal with, we suck!!!!, we are so terrible to customers! sorry we just don't send free stuff each day

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 12:18 PM, T** G***** wrote:

I had to send you emails to ask what was going on with my order. Eventually after 3 months you said you can't have the item. Well, I picked a make up. You don't have it neither. One more month to wait.
After 4 months or waiting; I received an email on the 24th April, (before the week end!!) saying that I need to pay but I just couldn't connect to my account that day. On the 28th, only four days after, you cancelled the transaction!
It seems like if your only goal is to bill people and not customer care.
I don't care to be refund. I have been very patient up to now and I am a good customer, always buying loads and never complaining. but now the situation is just a joke.

International Wig wrote:
hi again
also- you never replied to our emails!
we have told you continually its OUT OF STOCK
pick something else. but did you? NO
why all of a sudden are you SO RUDE?? what have we done???
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-03-29
Posted by Hussain on 2008-06-30:
You can do a chargeback with your bank. If they won't give you a refund just call your bank and let them know you didn't receive the merchandise and you were frauded and they will dispute the charge. They have been frauding people for years this way.
Posted by Angie99 on 2009-03-29:
This posting is fishy to. How does a merchant keep a merchant account with Mastercard or Visa if they defraud everyone? Looking at WhoIs.com files Internationalwig.com has been online for 10 years. How does a company send empty containers for 10 years and stay in business and accept credit cards. As well, they obviously put work and money into the website. I find this posting along with the others quite fishy, especially how other wig and clothing companies seem to be posting them! Our experience with this wig company has been positive for 6 plus years! I myself could post anything negative I want on this website. Who is there to make me prove my point and post each day? It goes both ways as far as I see! Angie

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