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Review by Loretto on 2008-04-29
EAGLE ROCK, CALIFORNIA -- Last Sunday my mother and I went to Popeyes and purchased $32.plus for Dinner. It was the first really hot day of the year and no-one wanted to cook. So off we went to popeyes. I felt un-easy about all the chicken they had cooked ahead and it being so hot outside. I trusted they knew what they were doing. But shortly after dinner we all started being sick from both ends. Then I began to think. There was way to much chicken piled high as they could get it and 2+2=4 This was the only food we ate that day other than ceral for morning. It was the chicken. I do believe they cooked to much to far in advance. I have been a waitress all my life and my daughter is now. I know better than to go against a gut feeling.

The chicken had sat to long in that heat. We have always eaten CFC but the new batter is not what we wanted. So we went to your business and had fish last week. But we returned to find out the fish special was gone. So chicken would be ok. Service was really nice.
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Posted by Starlord on 2008-04-29:
What did you have the day before? For something to act that fast, the smell and taste should have warned you off, if it was that bad. If they had raw chicken piled up like you describem, I could buy your story, but this is cooked chicken. I don't care that much for Popeye's (I won't eat it, in fact.) but I don't think it caused food poisoning. Check whatever you ate the day before.
Posted by bigboxworker on 2008-04-29:
Symptoms of food poisoning usually do not kick in that quickly. The popeyes chicken may of made you sick, but I would not go as far as to label it food poisoning. Food poisoning is usually very severe and requires medical attention and is life threatening. You should change the title of your review.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-29:
Unless you have solid evidence of food poisoning (blood test results, doctor's note, stool samples, and samples of bad food) proving it, they will not take your word for it. I do believe you got ill, and I do believe that this may have been the cause, but like I said, they won't take your word for it.
Posted by steve101 on 2008-04-30:
Bad info here. Food poisoning can bring on symptoms in as little as 30 minutes depending upon the pathogen and the severity of its toxicity. This can happen without any bad smell or taste.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-04-30:
Am I the only one who's noticed that when there's a claim of food poisoning from a restaurant, it's always "...the only food we ate that day..."?
I just find it very, very odd.
Posted by S. on 2008-04-30:
steve, I disagree. The others are on the right track. Having once been the victim of food poisoning (which was once too often), I got a thorough education of cause/effect--along with the fact that all documented cases of food poisoning have to be reported to the CDC.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-30:
It could have been the milk in the cereal or the cereal itself. There are some food poisoning strains that have an incubation period of only six hours. Yes dry foods can get you and we all know what milk can do and how soon.
Chicken is pretty stable when FULLY COOKED.
Posted by Bell on 2008-05-19:
zzrock...I agree. I'm not sure how fully cooked chicken would pass along food poisoning. Cooking the chicken kills any salmonella, etc. Even if it had been cooked way in advance, it still should have been okay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-19:
"Doctor" Ponie (et al). According the the Merck Manual (a text typically referred to by physicians), staphylococcal food infection symptoms set in 2-8 hrs after ingestion of the bacterial load. Steve101 is 100% correct!! While cooking will kill bacteria, food is often innoculated with bacteria after cooking (by poor food handling practices). The symptoms match those for staphy food infection as does the time of onset. Also, everyone who ate the chicken got sick. The most likely way the cooked chicken became contaminated was by handling or placing the cooked chicken on surfaces contaminated by raw food. And while Principissa is one of my favourite folks here, I'm moved to tell her that there is no need for a 'million dollar workup' when the cause is as obvious as this one. Please remember, guys, not every poster who comes here is automatically wrong. Good call Steve101...you got it right.
Posted by JAS (Denver) on 2012-09-21:
To zzrokk

When the chicken could be 3 to 4 days past the expiration date and still served. Fully COOKED or not will make you sick

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