Outback Steakhouse Complaint - Kitchen Hardware In Mashed Potatoes

Review by Hobart on 2008-05-05
PENSACOL, FLORIDA -- On our recent visit to the local Outback I was greeted with a machine part from a Hobart mixer in my garlic mashed potatoes. Management was more concerned with retrieving the lost part than with making things right, the manager actually threatened me with the police if I made a seen. This was the worse we have ever been treated and all because their kitchen lost a part in my food.

We will never go back and we will not patronize any of the corporations other properties such as Bonefish, Carrabba's, and Roy's. If you dare, better checkout the taters real good.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-05:
Those Hobart parts are EX-PENS-SIVE. Legally since the part was served in your mashed potatoes I think the part belongs to you although I'm no lawyer nor do I base my assertion on any sort of legal research however I do think I am right. Too bad you didn't keep the part you could have sold it on EBAY.

Posted by DigitalCommando on 2008-05-05:
I could think of far worse things to find in my mashed potatoes (like the deodorant disk from the mens urinal for example). How did you know that the part was from a hobart mixer? I dont agree with the store mangler not making that right, but to avoid going to all those other places because of one bad experience somewhere else?. I wonder what your reaction would have been if it was a diamond ring instead....
Posted by D. on 2008-05-05:
I hate to say it, but I agree with Awspie...once you paid for your potatoes, you would have owned the part....you could have sold it back to them...I don't know how big of a part it was, but it's a good thing you didn't bite down on it and caused any dental damage.

DC...I wouldn't go anywhere if there was a "Store Mangler" on the loose!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-05-05:
I'm guessing that "making it right" had some opposing views on what was fair.
Posted by Marlin336M on 2008-05-06:
Things happen, I doubt somebody intentionally put the part in the potatoes, If they did thats a bad employee not outback. I am sure they would have treated you respectfully, If you treated them the same. I see people all the time take advantage of the customer is right theory and expect to get there rear end kissed. Not these days. No harm no foul. You would have got a free meal if you were polite about it. If you were abnoxious loud mouth, They look at it good riddence. not sure how to spell that one.
Posted by Marlin336M on 2008-05-06:
Unfortunatly for you getting that mixer back in action was more important than satisfying one customer..
Posted by samuelblueshoes on 2008-05-08:
If you had bitten down on it a line of lawyers would have beat a path to your door.
Posted by Amateras on 2009-04-18:
Oh wow, that's incrediable. I wonder why the server did not see it.

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