Web-Detective / Razoreye / Privacy Chest Complaint - SCAM ! Don't waste your money ! Their Customer Service is a JOKE !

Review by depodol on 2008-05-05
I signed up for the trial period March 21, 2008 ~ I was able to use it but none of it was useful ~ they just send you to other sites that "might" have the information that you are looking for but then you have to pay those web sites more money to use them~ so web-detective is more or less a yellow pages for sites that can really give you the info your looking for ~ with a little hard work on the net you can find those sites without web-detective.

So anyway ~ I canceled the trial membership within 2 days ~ sent them an email like they requested ~ I sent my cancel request to cancel@razoreye.com explaining my dissatisfaction with their product and I have a copy of that email ~ it was $4.90 for my trial ~ waste of my money ~

Then three days ago ~on a FRIDAY !! May 2,2008 I see a pending transaction for $38.83 from web-detective on my bank account! Of course it's the freaking weekend and I can't get a hold of anyone at web-detective. So I called the two numbers I could find on the site 305-671-3165 and 877-207-0626 ~ I could only leave a message on the 305- 671-3165 and it kept cutting my off ~ so I ended up leaving three messages explaining my complaint.

Then I emailed support@razoreye.com and explained my complaint in detail.

then I went to the web site and canceled again.

So Sat I get a call from Shelby who says that she is from web-detective ~ she explains to me that my subscription to web-detective was canceled but there was a "checked box" on the site that I DID NOT "UNCHECK" for a "privacy chest" product to help me protect my identity so that was also included in my trial package but I would have to call a separate number to cancel that ..... WTF???

First off If there was a box checked for that I would have unchecked it because I have no use for a identity theft protection product ! and second why would they make it so difficult to cancel everything all at once ?? ~ third maybe it was so freaking small I didn't see it ....

Shelby said that I was supposed to get some sort of package from them via snail mail but I never got anything ~ never used the privacy chest thing ~ never even knew I was subscribed to it ~ nothing until I saw that pending charge on my account ...

Shelby said there was no manager that I could talk to and that I just had to call 888-432-4378 which was the direct number to the privacy chest ~ she said they were the only ones that could help me with my complaint....

so I called 888-432-4378 , I was on hold for 33 minutes before I spoke with Darwin ~ I explained my complaint to him and he said that all he could do was cancel my subscription to privacy chest so there wouldn't be anymore charges but he could not help me with the pending transaction. He also said there was no manager that I could speak with but I could call 877-769-9323 and ask for help with the pending transaction. .... WTF ????

So then I called 877-769-9323 , I was on hold for 28 minutes before I spoke with Jesse. He informed me that the only thing he could do was write a help ticket for me and submit it to the billing dept... which would get back to me via phone or email within 48 hours... he could not give me a confirmation number ~ he could not give me means to contact the billing debt directly ~ he said that his manager Maria wasn't even there ~ and wouldn't be in for a few hours but of course she would tell me the same thing he had already ~ that there was nothing else they could do to help me ~

So this freaking charge in going to go through my account tonight ~ I didn't authorize it ~ I didn't want it ~ I didn't use the product privacy chest ~ I never received any type of information that I was subscribed to it ~ I didn't even know I was subscribed to it and I can't get a hold of anyone in this company to help me get my money back ~

these people suck
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Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-05-05:
Any post that contains "WTF" doesn't deserve a constructive response.
Posted by tander on 2008-05-05:
When ever you subscribed to somehting, you have to really watch for that credit protection because there is alot of sites you will find that on and if you check the box you are signed up for it, sometimes it's tricky and you don't even realize what you're checking the box for.
Posted by court2 on 2008-06-27:
Posted by S. on 2008-06-27:
What did you say? WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!! How many times are you going to post the same thing?
Posted by D. on 2008-06-27:
Tander was right...sometimes they even have the box checked and if you don't notice, as most people won't, when you click, you're agreeing to it...you have to read everything before you click or submit...because sometimes, you have to UNCHECK a box instead of CHECKING it, if you don't want something. They do that on purpose because most people don't notice.
Posted by MadHatter on 2008-07-21:
Folks, I am aware and always uncheck boxes that are checked. There was no box in sight that was checked or unchecked or indicated I signed up for a bonus service called The Privacy Chest. Also, whatever I am getting billed for ($38.83/month) has never been delivered.
I, too, ordered Web Detective Free Trial and cancelled before the term was up. I have an email indicating the cancellation was received. Depodol is right. Same exact thing happened to me. Now I am waiting for someone from billing who might call me or might send me an email. They insist I ordered the subscription and I insist I did not.

This cannot be a bonefide business. All of the emails I received from them initially came from someone named Savannah Richards - no title, very unprofessional. That's why I cancelled immediately. And, because the Web Detective service has the smallest database of names I've ever experienced in this type of service.

Don't assault depodol for complaining. People should complain when they feel they have been ripped off!

Posted by grandma005 on 2008-07-21:
You should of used a credit card. You can call your credit card and dispute the charge. Call your Bank and see if they will let you dispute the charge-maybe they will. You get better protection from these crooks by using a credit card.
Posted by jenplace on 2008-09-17:
the EXACT same thing happened to me! do NOT waste anytime talking to these people about a refund.I used my debt card so I called my bank and told them about the issue and she filed a regulation E form to handle the charge I was being billed from these scam artists.I was then told to come into my local branch and sign the form that would request investigation in the matter. She said itd take about 10 days and I would get my money back. She also informed to cancel that card and be issued a new one.

I hope this helps.
Posted by gilbert2 on 2009-01-16:
My experience was exactly the same! This company is only in existence to fool and cheat customers. The company does not provide ANY useful service, and only exists to cheat honest people.

My solution to getting my money back was to contact the bank with whom I have my credit card, and open a dispute. In 30 days, the money will be credited to my account, since there will be no way that Web Detective can successfully defend itself. SHAME ON THEM!

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