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Review by sunnydupree on 2008-05-17
Hello out there to the masses of the unemployed. Well here I am again, unemployed. I am not worried about job availability. I have had many jobs through out my lifetime and statistics say that it is a regular condition for someone to go through as many as 8 to 12 career changes in a lifetime. Also consider this. Most people have a job two years and they move up or to a different job. That is the typical time that hiring companies expect someone to be at a job. Keep on top of your job hunting. Job hunting is NOW your job. Apply to places and jobs that look interesting even if you may not think you have the experience. I have had great results going to the company I am interested in and interviewing the owners or managers as to what their companies have to offer. Do research. Make cold calls even if the company is not hiring. It is excellent advise on this website to go to the chamber of commerce. Show your interest by sending thank you letters to those who meet with you. Be bold and go right to the top of the company for information. You would be amazed at how impressed some of these managers are with your courage. Always remember that any contact with any company should be viewed as a job interview even if you are not offered. Not only will it be good practice but it will have you ready to be on your best behavior.

Don't forget that the interviewer is human as well. Be respectful but relaxed. This is important if you are ill at ease the interviewer will be as well. Don't gesture with your hands wildly but leave them folded in your lap or better yet have a list of questions for the interviewer and take notes. This will impress and interviewer and shows interest yet again.

Do not speak too much about your personal life but concentrate on your qualities. When you are in an interview don't brag but be straight forward about your accomplishments and what your skills are. (HINT: soft skills are very important-such as the ability to deal with interpersonal relationships and issues in the workplace)

One other idea is to job carve. This is a unique skill. It is getting to know a company and recognizing an need that was not pointed out before. Create your own job! This is especially helpful if tours are given of the place you are interested in.

Dress appropriately, don't chew gum, be clean, courteous, at least ten minutes early for your meeting.

Don't forget that your cover letter,resume and job application are part of the interview. Be sure to have accurate information on resumes, cover letters and applications. All of these are looked at as the foot in the door. If these are done without attention to detail and neatness your information will be filed in the trash. Have 3 recommendation letters if you can, as well as, three references to be called.

Be accurate. If you lie on a resume or application that is grounds for immediate dismissal in most companies.

Do not give up there is a job out there for anyone who wants to work!

I know this because it was my job to place people with disabilities in jobs according to their disabilities. If you want to work YOU WILL!


Grace and Peace

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