Gottchalks Complaint - Rude Employee - Customer Service

Review by Krissy Marie on 2008-06-05
I was in Gottchalks in Chico yesterday waiting ever so patiently for over 10 minutes in the shoe department. I walked over to one of the cash register areas and asked if someone was available to help me in the shoe department. Her response was "yes - you just need to be more patient" in a snotty tone. I was a little surprised and then that quickly followed up with annoyed. I handed her the two shoes I was wanting sizes for and told her I'd be buying shoes elsewhere as she was rude and unprofessional.

Truth being - I didn't pick her career choice for her in customer service. She did that all by herself. She wasn't a really young girl who didn't know better. She was probably in her late late 20's to early 30's. Myself? Not a customer service sort of girl - so I don't have that as my career.

Gotta check the attitude at the Gottchalks door girl.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-05:
Perhaps the clerk was troubled by some issue (health, money, job, kids, etc.) and is normally a good employee. Or, maybe she is simply a rude person. We sometimes judge a person's entire character by a single response. Sometimes, a softly spoken rebuke can help: "I'm sorry. Perhaps you're having a bad day. Can someone else help me?"
Posted by ladyblogger on 2008-06-05:
This is a ridiculous reply. This woman is the customer and the reason this employee has her job in the first place. If she cant handle the job then she should just quit and find another job and make the rest of the people happy. Dont give people a hard time! Hey we all have problems but that doesnt give you the right to unload on everyone else...
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-06-05:
I agree with Fed up. Even if you are having a bad day, there is not reason to snap at a customer asking for someone to help them when they have been waiting. The ones that irritate me are the ones that walk in and interrupt when you are waiting on someone else to ask where something is before they even looked.

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