Fort Worth Community Credit Union Complaint - Avoid Their Credit Card Offer

Review by quincytree on 2008-06-05
BEDFORD, TEXAS -- Fort Worth Community has a good bank, and their tellers are nice. But their grumpy credit card group is no fun to mess with. For starters, they outsource their card from another company. So any actual issues with the card, you are not talking to fort worth community about it.

I had a lot of issues with payments not being considered payments though their web banking portal as it was tied somehow to this other company. It allows you to view your balance, and make payments, sometimes it goes across like a mere balance reduction, which lead you to get a nasty call or letter from their in house collections group.

I got so many calls and nasty letter from the credit union, I actually accidentally forgot to make a few payments (totally my fault), but they cried wolf so much, I took it as more the monthly round of mistakes, so it led to more calls, more arguments. I would get about three calls and a letter per month. Being bombarded by all the activity, it disoriented me at times. I know I was not being too late myself, they gave me two sizable credit increases during this time.

Towards the end of all that, I received on certified letter that turned out to belong to another member. I took it as they were sending out stuff so fast, they were not even paying attention to who they were sending stuff to. The laughable part was when I called to tell them about the letter. They insisted that I drive it up to the credit union because it did not belong to me. At first they didn't actually believe I had gotten it except until I started reading off the details. I shredded it, but chuckled the whole time.

I did talk to the supervisor at times. As always, it was my fault that I either waited too long to call, or I should have verified the payment with the other credit card company before the due date.

Then while on vacation their ID Theft system went off while paying for some large purchases, understandably. The only problem was that the credit union had both cards locked up. So when I called, the credit union unblocked the Bank/ATM card, but not the credit card being with this other company. The credit card being tied to my account itself kept it locked until another third party company figured it out after nearly a two hour phone call that took time away from my vacation, while on vacation.

All-in-all, it hastened me to pay it off and drop. That was funny as well, I paid it while they were calling for another round of collection calls. I found it amusing that the collection people there did not return calls when there was nothing to talk about. I thought about sending them some letters to return the favor after just over a year of all that. But I gave up...

Unless your bored, and enjoy fighting with people, I would avoid the Fort Worth Community Credit Card.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-05:
Sounds like most of your problems came from the fact that you were trying to beat the system.

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