Brandon Honda Complaint - Bad Service

Review by little hand p on 2008-06-05
Went to Brandon Honda to trade my car in which is a Honda element that I got from them. I wanted to down grade to get something a little cheaper on my monthly payment a more gas economical. I wasn't trying to upgrade but downgrade. My salesman, Robert, told me I could get a brand new 2008 Honda. I explained to Robert that I was not interested in a brand new Honda-how is this benefiting me? He kept pushing the issue of getting a brand new Honda and even said that there were no older models available. I found that very hard to believe. He even stated to buy the new 2008 car and keep my Honda Element.

When I stated to him that I did not want 2 car payments and this is the opposite of what I came in for- he stated....to only pay for the newer car and let the Honda Element get repossessed. Well I told him - won't this affect my credit in a negative way?..he said -yes- only for a year and this would be the only way I could walk out with another vehicle. I find this very unprofessional and not customer service oriented. The salesperson (Robert) was very rude at times and kept "brushing me off". I even asked him Are you brushing me off because you're not making a commission on me - and his reply was YES!! I let him know at that time that I came here for an older model car and I would not by a newer car and have my credit affected. He walked away and never shook my hand or thanked me for coming in the store.

Needless to say, I will NEVER purchase a HONDA and will tell all my friends and relatives, acquaintances and even strangers not to buy a Honda . I will keep writing letters and emails until at the very least I get an apology letter from HONDA.
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Posted by David on 2008-06-05:
your issue is not with Honda but some idiot salesman at a dealership. If you don't adress this issue with the general manager of the dealership, blasting this on the internet does very little. Every adult who has ever shopped for a car has run into idiot salesman. Please call or write the general manager and address these concerns.
Posted by samtheman on 2008-06-06:
dan is right...don't blame Honda Corp for an idiotic salesman. Report him to management and in the meantime, they may find someone who is more willing to help you find the right car to make the best of a potentially embarrassing situation for the dealership.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-06:
I voted this review 'very helpful' because more than one person will typically take credit and financial advice from salesmen. If not, people would not be rolling old auto leases into new ones, buying a new car and letting the 'old' car get repo'ed, and otherwise listening to a guy who's sole interest is in selling the car. Car salesmen are not financial advisors. I'm glad the OP didn't bite on the pitch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-06:
I voted this review 'very helpful' as well. At first I thought it was going to be one of those "I listened to the salesman and got nailed" unhappy endings but much to my delight the OP didn't bite. Good job and good review.

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